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Rain Man Releases First Track Following His Departure From Krewella

Krewella took over dance music news at the end of September when it was announced that Kris Trindl, AKA Rain Man, was suing his old group following his departure. We're still not sure what's going on with that case, so we won't comment on it until more facts are released. However, Trindl has moved on to a new project, and it's called Hunter Square. The side project includes Trindl and Mat Devine, the former vocalist of Kill Hannah. Trindl and Devine are both from Chicago.

THUMP debuted the first production from the duo today. It is a remix of "Falling in Love Will Kill You," a song from Devine's solo project, Wrongchilde. The song features vocals by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way. The remix is available as a free download.

Trindl and Devine have transformed the slow rock ballad into an upbeat, poppy dance track. This is new territory for both artists. If you've heard Kill Hannah songs, you'll be very surprised by this track. Also, it is a huge departure from Krewella's sound for Trindl.

Listen to the remix below!

If you're worried about the new direction that Rain Man has taken with this remix, he took to Twitter to clarify that this is only a side project for him. He even included a snippet of a heavier song he's currently working on.


Download the remix: http://www.wrongchilde.com/huntersquare/

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