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EDM.com Spotlight

Pioneer XDJ 1000s Render CDs Obsolete

Two days ago, DJ tech industry leader Pioneer revealed that the Pioneer XDJ-1000, a player improves upon now industry standard CDJs by not playing from CDs, will hit the market by the end of November.

On their YouTube page, the company released a promo video of UK bass music DJ/producer Pedestrian using four XDJ-1000s and a mixer to perform a short, genre-spanning set of his own original mixes that showcased the player’s more noteworthy functionality. While the virtual platter hardware popularized by CDJ players to mimic the track manipulation capabilities of vinyl record players remains on the new device, all tracks are uploaded via USB interface or the company’s Rekordbox software.

Pioneer revolutionized DJing in 1992 with the release of the CDJ-100s – and while the hardware concept didn’t come to supersede traditional vinyl record players until the CDJ-1000 Mk2s hit the market in 2001, it’s now a ubiquitous part of contemporary DJ performances the world over. As with the previous transition, the inevitable adoption of the new hardware by EDM purveyors will come with advantages and drawbacks alike. As of this writing, the company lists the equipment at $999 USD.

Written by John Cameron

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