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Tiesto & Avicii Make Millions From Soda Sponsorships

According to Billboard, two of dance music's superstars are making a massive amount of money from their soda sponsorships. Tiesto has made a whopping $30 million from his sponsorship with 7UP in 2014. Avicii released a song with Wyclef Jean yesterday as a part of Coca-Cola's (RED) campaign. However, they aren't doing it just to fight against AIDS, as Avicii and Wyclef have raked in $20 million for their participation in the campaign. These numbers show that some dance music producers/DJs have clearly become idols for music fans.

7UP has been closely involved with Tiesto throughout the year. They even sponsored the album release party for Tiesto's A Town Called Paradise.

7UP has also had a big presence at dance music festivals this year. They sponsored stages at EDC Las Vegas and HARD Day of the Dead in 2014.

It'll be interesting to see if soda brands become even more involved with more dance music and DJs in 2015. As more young people begin to fall in love with dance music, we wouldn't be surprised to see brands with younger target demographics make a stronger effort to market to them at music festivals and dance music shows.

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