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The Best EDM Remixes Of Lana Del Rey

American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey is commonly identified as an icon in pop music. Del Rey has successfully manifested herself as one of the most profound voices in the industry, and her vocals have constantly been ripped and remixed by artists of all calibers, deeming her as voice malleable for genres across the board. EDM.com has collated a list of the best Lana Del Rey remixes that truly highlight the diverse sounds her vocals are capable of pairing with.


One of Del Rey’s more recent releases “Ultraviolence” has received several twists from varying producers. Artists who have remixed this track include Hook N Sling, Hotel Garuda, PBR Streetgang, Disciples, and many more. Datsik's powerful dubstep edit stands as it's most popular remix, however the Disciples' take also presents an upbeat deep house alternative as well.

Young and Beautiful

This notorious song from The Great Gatsby soundtrack received a great amount of attention from the EDM world. “Young and Beautiful” originally serves as a slow paced, sorrowful track; however, EDM producers ranging from Jai Wolf to EC Twins to Kaskade doctored this track into various remixes. Another popular remix of “Young and Beautiful” includes the trap work of Sound Remedy.

Video Games

Ever since Flosstradamus used Del Rey’s vocals for “Lana’s Theme,” this track has been pretty hard to miss. Sound Remedy delivered an amazing remix of “Video Games,” pairing her harmonious vocals and his trap style mixed with a video game influence, and Omid16B’s interesting take starts out unlike any other. He utilizes a deep drum kick and minimal sound that carries into a slow and chill vibe.

Born To Die

What was originally a super slow-paced track with deep vocals has since received several upbeat reworks, completely transforming the initial sound of the track. With various producers such as AlunaGeorge, Gemini, Two Friends, Woodkid & the Shoes, and more taking their stabs a remix, it was interesting to see how contrastive her voice could actually be. AlunaGeorge really recreated this track into a three minute long trippy experience, while heavy bass producer Gemini injects “Born To Die” with a power-driven bassline.


Another slow-paced track of Del Rey’s that was remixed into a plethora of various genres is her classic single “Ride.” Artists including Active Child, SOHN, Photek, 14th, and more, “Ride” marks one of the more diverse of Del Rey’s tracks to be remixed. UK producers 14th keeps this track slow paced with their own special chill spin, and Photek diversely reworks this track with a dreamy piano influenced style. The varying genres deliver an extremely different sound to her melodious vocals.

National Anthem

“National Anthem” underwent several genre transformations, fluctuating from deep house to chill wave to drum & bass. The diverse array of remixes proves that Del Rey’s vocals are about as diverse as they get. Chill remixes including Breton, Seasfire, and Sunless ‘97 highlight the beauty between Del Rey’s deep vocals and the chillwave style, and deep tracks from producers Tensnake and Todd Terry deliver an upbeat sound to Del Rey’s deep vocals as well.

West Coast

This track received a very positive reaction from the EDM world. “West Coast” stands as one of Del Rey’s more popular tracks, as it has served as a West Coast anthem for thousands of fans. With producers such as ZHU, Solomun, JABBERWOCKY, Camo & Krooked, Mark Kinchen, and many more remixing this hit, "West Coast" has seen edits in genres of all kinds. Solomun remixed “West Coast” in true fashion, strictly adhering to his signature deep and dark sound, and ZHU's remix stands as one of the top Lana remixes out there to date.

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Summertime Sadness

Potentially the biggest hit of them all, “Summertime Sadness” has received a countless amount of remixes from artists ranging from the infamous Cedric Gervais remix to deep house reworks from Mark Kinchen. “Summertime Sadness” had been around for a year or so when Hotel Garuda's remix surfaced into the EDM world, but their remix introduces the duo's notoriously sweet-sounding disco house influence. Canadian producer Ryan Hemsworth also delivered a diverse spin to “Summertime Sadness," completely changes the tone of the original with his chill electronic style.