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EDM.com Spotlight

New Myo Armband Allows DJs To Control Live Shows With Arm Gestures

The technology company Thalmic Labs is working with trance superstar Armin van Buuren to bring gesture and motion control to live performances through the Myo armband. This would give the DJ control of the lights and stage effects while remaining hands free. You can see the Myo armbands in action in the video below.

Haute Technique is Armin’s production company, and they built a custom Myo armband for his performances. Armin is first performer to use the Myo armband live on stage and he has nothing but positive feedback about the technology. He says, "I love to involve new ideas into my show. Crowd interaction is absolutely key to me and the Myo gesture control armband helps me with this. It creates a unique experience for the audience and it feels like I'm even closer to them."

For more information of the collaboration and technology visit: myo.com/arminvanbuuren

Written by Harvit Gill

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