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Tinlicker Prepares New EP For Feed Me's Label Sotto Voce [Interview]

Don't put Tinlicker in a box

For the last 20 years, the Netherlands has served as a breeding ground for EDM producers of all kinds, from trance and house to drum & bass and dubstep. Amongst the country's diverse roster of musicians stand Micha Heyboer and Mike Luck, who have decided to branch out from their previous sounds and expand their musical horizons with their side project Tinlicker. They have already released music on imprints such as Zero Three Zero, and come December 1st they will have their first official release on Feed Me's new Sotto Voce label.

EDM.com got the opportunity to speak with Micha & Mike about their side project and upcoming Like No Other EP, and we discussed their inspiration behind the project and why they refuse to be labelled by genres. Get to know the talented duo below and take a listen to our exclusive premiere of their single "Nachtwerk" off of their upcoming EP!

EDM: How did you two first get together?

Micha: We got introduced by the owner of Publicity Lab, the company that at the time did the PR for both our solo releases. Mike Luck had his Cityscape EP coming out and I was still solo acting as Tinlicker and had my Remember the Future album being released on my own label Zero Three Zero.

She said we should definitely meet being from the same city, so we decided to go out for a beer (a drink we both adore) and one thing lead to the next!

What was your main inspiration behind creating the Tinlicker project?

Micha: For me it was an urge that had been growing for a long time while being part of Black Sun Empire. I just wanted to start making different types of music as I’ve always been listening to all sorts of music and one day I just started…

And now that I do I realise it also feeds my love for Drum and Bass. The diversity, the drive to keep challenging yourself makes me happy.

How did you guys get linked up with Jonathan and Sotto Voce?

Micha: I have known him for a long time as he has a Drum & Bass alias (Spor), just like me (Black Sun Empire). We ran into each other at a festival where I was playing Drum & Bass and he just did a Feed Me show. I mentioned that I was doing a lot of Tinlicker tracks and he was interested in hearing them as he just started his new label and was looking for exciting new material to release. I guess he did like it!

Your new EP Like No Other contains a diverse array of genres, in what ways do your backgrounds influence the release?

Mike: We both have always liked and made a lot of different genres and I think everything in life influences you, whether you like it or not, so yes our background both musically and non-music related had a mark on what we do now.

How has your sound changed since releasing It's My First Time Here and Remember The Future?

Micha: Since then Mike Joined Tinlicker, his musical background and the fact that I gained more experience in making four to the floor definitely changed the sound a bit. I’m not sure how to define the changes, the music might have become broader genre wise, but we’re not really interested in what have changed. We seem to compliment each other and I just think it became better.

Besides that our one rule still counts, we make what we feel like making without thinking about boxing things. Eventually because we made the tracks you’ll hear our signature in the music we produce.

Do you believe in classifying different sounds by genres/labels or just letting the music speak for itself?

Mike: We like to let the music speak for itself, if you’d ask us what genre we make I don't think we’d be able to answer the question and we don't really like to. (laughs)

Who have you been listening to lately both inside and outside of dance music?

Micha: Fink, John Hopkins, Daughter, SOHN, Falco Benz, Thomas Azier, Thom Yorke, Dark Sky, Weval, Gesaffelstein, Flume, Patrick Watson, Moderat, Stephan Bodzin, Tycho, Fever Ray, The Knife, Ben Howard etc etc.

Mike: Alex Banks, Bonobo, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Caribou, Dark Sky, Emika, The Acid, Nils Frahm, Oliver, lRoyksopp, Shura, Submerse, London Grammar, Air.

When can we expect a tour?

Mike: As soon as we can as we can’t wait!

What is the most important lesson you've learned so far in your career?

Micha: Don’t try to follow all the trends, as most of the people that do will end up missing the boat. Just make what you love making and eventually things will fall into place.

Any final words?

Mike: We are really excited and hope you love what we do!

Like No Other will be available for purchase on December 1st on Beatport and iTunes!

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