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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 34

Calling all bass music aficionados, we have some dirty drop sightings in the area.

There is no disputing that Volume 34 is one of our most crowded editions to date. We would like to think that we did a pretty decent job of cramming in dirty drops left and right, but we will allow you wonderful people to be the judge of that. With a surplus of gifted musicians to choose from, you would be wise to prep your ear holes for hours of nonstop dubstep enjoyment. So stop standing on the sidelines and get in the damn game.

10. Tisoki - Kabuki VIP

Tisoki has come a very long way in an extraordinarily short amount of time. Truth be told, you would have to be borderline blind not to recognize the noticeable amount of progress that this producer has been experiencing as of late. To make matters even scarier, his VIP of “Kabuki” could certainly go down as his biggest tune yet. Fused together with a couple of drops that are more dangerous than a room full with weapons of mass destruction, this heavyweight track savagely claws away at your aural passages with its razor-sharp synths. Have a seat and strip down to your skivvies, our dubstep surgeon will be in shortly to stitch you up.

9. Diplo - 6th Gear (Creation & Subceptron Remix)

Maybe it is just me, or maybe I am making something of nothing, but this is the third week in a row that Creation has caused a ruckus here at our dirty drop cathedral. This landmark event alone is reason enough to celebrate - primarily because there is a slim to none chance of it ever happening again. But hey, I do not determine when these producers decide to release their music, I am just here to cover it the second that it drops. Speaking of drops, as we do so often around here, this Subceptron collab has two of the nastiest breakdowns you will ever find. Even Diplo himself would start a slow clap for this unbelievably sleazy remix of “6th Gear.”

8. Dack Janiels - Deathwish (Ft. Owl Green)

Unless you have a “Deathwish,” it might be in your best interest to carefully reevaluate how you choose to digest this latest Dack Janiels entrée. Utilizing some undeniably dark and evil vocals from Owl Green, this wicked tune distributes some paralyzing pulsations the likes of which we have never seen. All your body wants to do is move and shake uncontrollably, but your brain can barely keep pace while attempting to process these incredibly filthy drops. Dack Janiels is about to send you on an all-expenses-paid trip to your nearest morgue - and it is looking like we might need some extra body bags.

7. GoldTop (Ft. Soulja Boy) - Gold Like This (IYFFE Remix)

The guys over at IYFFE really did a number on this new one. I mean, when the name of your group stands for “In your face f*ck everything,” dirty dubstep drops are basically included in the job description. Attacking GoldTop & Soulja Boy’s “Gold Like This” from an entirely different angle, the duo busts out the kind of behemoth that will keep all you bass enthusiasts doing backflips for days. Drops this grimy are so rare that they should be immediately added to the endangered species list. Think you got what it takes to make it through this track unscathed? Well, lets see what you got.

6. Virtual Riot - We're Not Alone VIP

Alongside remixes from High Maintenance and PhaseOne, Virtual Riot’s VIP of “We’re Not Alone” is a vital component of Disciple Recordings’ freshly released We’re Not Alone (The Remixes) EP. When you consider that the original version of this track made our week-to-week dubstep roundup back in August, there was about a 0% chance that this revised adaptation would not qualify for the identical treatment. I have said it before, and I will say it again, but drops this inexplicably brilliant are often some of the dirtiest discoveries you will ever stumble upon. Virtual Riot has undoubtedly established himself as one of bass music’s brightest minds. It was only a matter of time.

5. AR The Bushmaster - Couch Dub

I have been desperately (and I stress desperately) trying to find a way to shed some light on the productions of AR The Bushmaster. Well, luckily for me, and all of you out there in music listening land, that day has finally arrived. Still reaping the benefits of his fairly new SDKFZ EP, this producer has now returned with the type of dubstep tune that just does not quit. Sure, “Couch Dub” might only contain one drop and not be a full-length clip, but that has never once kept us from adequately exposing the best names in the dance music industry. Stay locked to AR The Bustmaster - this guy is going places.

4. Dubloadz & KRAM - Windows 95 VIP

There is no disputing that “Windows 95” might be one of the top dubstep tracks from a musician that the majority of the EDM scene is still relatively unfamiliar with. It is not a knock on KRAM, in fact, if anything, it is meant as a compliment. However, when Dubloadz made the executive decision to whip up a smashing VIP with KRAM himself, things went completely haywire. And I mean that in the absolute best way possible. A gurgling bass line vibrates to no end as their freakishly dope synth work takes care of the rest. At the end of the day, you are left with two of the most dangerous drops this side of the galaxy. And guess what? Dubloadz is still just getting started.

3. Yogi - Burial (Ft. Pusha T) (Skrillex & TrollPhace Remix)

In what would have easily been a landslide victory for best dubstep release of last week, Skrillex & TrollPhace gracefully unveiled one of the most anticipated tracks of 2014. Alas, this friendly competition of ours is based solely on the dirtiness of drops, and therefore, this downright mental tune clocks in at our #3 spot. Combining Skrillex’s knowledge of music composition with TrollPhace’s unique tear-out sound, their almighty remix of Yogi & Pusha T’s “Burial” will keep the whole world bouncing like there is no tomorrow. If you think that the ‘Colbert Bump’ is a powerful promotional tactic, just wait until you witness the ‘Skrillex Bump’ in full effect.

2. Excision & The Frim - Night Shine (Ft. Luciana)

Placing an Excision & The Frim collaboration in our #2 position might be the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my 26 years here on planet earth. Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating just a tiny bit, but I am beyond certain that you all understand the point I am trying to make. When these two producers get in the same room together, let alone on the same track together, the dirty drops cannot be lurking too far behind. First heard on Excisions’ Shambhala 2014 mix, “Night Shine” has taken the dubstep scene by storm since day one. That first drop feels like a blast from a double-barreled bass shotgun to the chest, whereas the second starts off with a minor tempo change before reverting back to its original form. Excision & The Frim are prepared to turn your dubstep dreams into reality.

1. Dubloadz & Algo - Pocket Pussy

Did I not warn you that Dubloadz would be back for more action? Because if you thought his “Windows 95 VIP” was ridiculously disgusting (which it was), just wait till you get your hands all over “Pocket Pussy.” Highlighted by a variety of absurd vocal samples from various Blue Mountain State characters, this new Algo collaboration will surely leave you demanding, “WHO HAS MY POCKET PUSSY!” I do not have the slightest clue how these crazy drops managed to escape from the psychiatric ward, but our Midnight Tyrannosaurus supporters are guaranteed to go gaga over these bass-laden beatdowns. Let Dubloadz & Algo handle all the heavy lifting, you just concentrate on dancing.      

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