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14 Of The Most Fashionable EDM Artists

Who are the most fashionable EDM artists?

Electronic dance music producers have been known for their sense of fashion both in and out of the spotlight. While many choose to stay out of the popular eye, some producers are known for an rocking an extreme wardrobe. Whether the goal is aesthetic or self-expression, EDM producers tend to dress to express. From hairstyles to full-out ensembles, flamboyant attire has become increasingly more common after the burst of the EDM culture. In fact, rave and festival attire have become an essential aspect of this generation, proving that self-expression through style is one of the strongest forms of expression there is. EDM.com has compiled a list of the top EDM producers whose trendy off-stage attire deserves some recognition.

1) Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris has had a very successful year, especially with his fourth studio album Motion. When Harris isn’t in the studio consistently putting out hit after hit, he’s walking the red carpet in custom black tie attire. Harris usually wears first-class designer suits and tuxedos, and always looking top-grade. With several annual award shows, Harris continuously dresses to the nines, making him succeed in both music and style.

2) David Macklovitch from Chromeo

David Macklovitch, ½ of Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo, is universally known for his prominent style. Chromeo’s work is generally by 80’s pop music, which explains their varying style when compared to other EDM producers. Macklovitch commonly resorts to his quintessential tuxedo jacket and tight jeans, the traditional DJ uniform, conveying his own personal style.

3) Skrillex

Skrillex, AKA the king of dubstep, is most notably known for his definitive black attire. For the most part, you can catch the OWSLA mogul running around in a black t-shirt with his jet-black hair whipped over to the side. Before Skrillex hit the EDM scene, he was apart of a heavy metal band, which certainly played a part in his dark and industrious style.


4) Posso

Vanessa Giovacchini and Marylouise Pels of Posso are questionably two of the trendiest producers in the industry. As electronic producers, Giovacchini and Pels have performed at several worldwide festivals and a number of original house mixes. The two commonly wear animal prints and edgy tight black garments. Posso also starred in the cover of Locale magazine.


5) Brillz

The TWONK pioneer has led a career of crushing speakers trap beats and creating a cult of otherwordly, attire-donning fans. If you have ever been to a Brillz show, you certainly can attest to the extraterrestrial atmosphere that this party-rocking producer and dj creates, and it's safe to say that Brillz' crew might just push the oddest apparel in the EDM industry.


6) Dillon Francis

The prototypical fashion of Dillon Francis usually entails a collared shirt of the sorts or even a fashion-forward suit whether he’s DJ-ing an event or behind the camera at a photo shoot. With slicked back hair and buttoned up to the top shirts, Francis’ style derives from Los Angeles, California.


7) Nervo

Australian twin producers Mim and Liv from Nervo are two major trendy females in the industry. The progressive house producers regularly adhere to an edgy and original wardrobe that can range from an effortless look to elaborate ensemble. The two have been seen strutting modern looks on the red carpet as well, as they both have professional modelling careers under their belt.

8) Hooks from Zeds Dead

If you’ve ever seen Zeds Dead perform live before, chances are that you’ve seen Hooks, ½ of Zeds Dead, sporting his typical long-sleeve, buttoned-up, floral collared shirt. While is it unclear as to how many of this specific style of shirt Hooks owns, it has become apparent that this style has become a personal motif of his definitive style.

9) A-Trak

A-Trak is undeniably one of the most fashion-forward EDM artist in the game. The Canadian DJ, brother of previously mentioned David Macklovitch of Chromeo, has even established his classic “A-Trak hat” as his own signature style. A-Trak succeeds in various aspects of his life including the World Championship DJ Competition, the creation of his own record label Fools Gold Records, a side-project with Armand Van Helden called Duck Sauce, and more. The successful producer has appeared on multiple magazine covers including BPM, Status, URB, and Billboard.



Although not necessarily an EDM artist per se, RiFF RAFF’S ostentatious wardrobe has earned himself the title of one of the music industry’s most expressive artists. Starting with his crazy hairstyle and his glaring grills, RiFF RAFF also strictly wears neon clothing and mismatching patterns.. RiFF RAFF’s insane and diverse style has started a trend among fans worldwide, as RiFF RAFF has become a popular costume idea for Halloween.

11) Diplo

With Diplo being one of EDM’s biggest stars at the moment, it would be nearly impossible for the producer to not dress to the nines on a daily basis and model unreleased or designer clothing. At any show, you will most definitely see Diplo either dressing classy or wearing a ridiculously awesome shirt, usually from clothing website Pizza Slime. Having appeared on magazine covers such as Billboard and GQ, it’s no wonder why girls across the globe dip low for Diplo.


12) Gesaffelstein

French techno producer Gesaffelstein displays a genuine fashion style that simply can’t be ignored. The producer’s work has even been used on Fashion TV for Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Gesaffelstein’s quintessential look consists of a basic all black suit, adding to the dark and grim sounds of his music.

13) Flosstradamus

HDYGRLZ and HDYBYZ has progressed from a simple merchandise clothing line to a lifestyle for followers of Flosstradamus. With a warning sign as their central theme, the guys of Flosstradamus consistently wear getups consisting of neon clothes, their own clothing line, or honestly anything that looks remotely cool. These two are always spot on. 

14) Special Mention: Tchami

Future house producer Tchami deserves a special shout out when it comes to fashion. Absolutely nothing about Tchami represents mainstream culture from his stage name to his style. With his stage name being presented to him while in Africa, Tchami habitually performs his deep and futuristic sounds whilst wearing a priest uniform, proving his is straight Jesus behind the turntables.

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