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EDM.com Spotlight

Pasquale Rotella Reveals Insomniac's Plans To Expand In 2015

Pasquale Rotella took part in a panel at Billboard's Touring Conference & Awards in New York on Wednesday. Insomniac's CEO took the opportunity to discuss his plans to expand the company in 2015. 

According to Billboard, Rotella plans to add festivals to growing EDM markets like Mexico City and Asia in 2015. However, we're not sure exactly sure when or where these festivals will take place or if they will be branded as Electric Daisy Carnival events. 

Over the past two years, Insomniac has experienced a surge in employees, growing from a staff of 20 to 100. This increased workforce will be beneficial in helping Rotella achieve his vision. Insomniac is also planning to add hundreds of club shows to its schedule for next year. While Rotella made his intention of building Insomniac into a more influential brand clear, he still doesn't want to move too fast. He said, "We're saying no to a lot of opportunities." 

Insomniac's growth is no surprise given the whopping $338 million economic impact EDC Las Vegas had on Nevada this year. When asked about what differentiates Insomniac from Live Nation's other festival brands, including HARD Events, Rotella said, "We're like a pop-up theme park. We're about the experience." The experience offered by Insomniac is unparalleled, as exhibited by this year's EDC Las Vegas selling out before the lineup was even announced.

EDC's sellout was utilized by Rotella as a prime example that dance music has not hit a saturation point. He also brought up underground music to illustrate that dance music is continuing to gain popularity. The mainstream sound is still as popular as ever, but many people who used to love mainstream dance music have moved on to deeper styles of dance music. Rotella said, "The sound is changing." He named Oliver Heldens and Tchami as two producers who are at the forefront of the bubbling future house movement. Also, deep house has become huge. 

Also, Rotella made it clear that he wants Insomniac.com to become the number one destination for EDM fans. He stated, "We want to be a resource for everything dance music. 24-7." This strategy has been evident throughout the year, as Insomniac has made a concerted effort to publish interesting editorial content. Fans are already navigating to Insomniac's website to find out about the brand's events, so it makes sense for Rotella to try and turn the website into a one-stop shop for dance music fans.

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