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EDM.com Spotlight

RiFF RAFF Signs With Kygo's Management, Wants To Be The EDM Justin Bieber

RiFF RAFF went on the Mad Decent Boat Party last weekend, and he walked off the cruise ship a whole new man. The polarizing viral rapper has signed to Golden Hare Management Group, which represents Kygo and Thomas Jack. RiFF RAFF met Golden Hare's founder Myles Shear, Kygo, and Jack while on the ship.

In an interview with BillboardRiFF RAFF said, "I meet these young crazy motivated dudes on the Mad Decent Boat Party, and they seemed to have more of a worldwide approach to music, rather than a USA target market. I want to be the EDM Justin Bieber. I'm Jody Bieber and humans aren't gonna understand that until I have 15 super hot neon models with the loudest and craziest EDM trap neon rap set on the planet, playing in Dubai or at the Taj Mahal. But I'm still growing and learning, and I will never plateau. I think everyone sees that, so I can't wait to join the WWE and be in movies as well."

Shear told Billboard, "My first impression of RiFF RAFF was probably similar to most, but when we really got some time to spend together, I really got to understand his vision and how wonderful of a job he has done maintaining his brand. He already is a dance act, and he could really do anything. That's how creative he is."

RiFF RAFF described his foray into EDM in typical RiFF RAFF fashion. "The reality is that I'm the first and only EDM rapper to ever exist. I'm not a cross over artist, I wasn't a pop artist at first or in a gang, and I was never in a group, I'm the first and only EDM rapper of all time," said RiFF RAFF. "I wear neon swim trunks and muscle shirts and have neon magenta colored hair, and have over 1.3 million dollars in real diamonds and I stay away from the haters. How could anyone confuse me for a hip-hop artist?"

RiFF RAFF has caught a lot of criticism from the hip hop world, and this move seeks to distance him from those critics. He stated, "I'm not yet a DJ, but I'm an artist so anything is possible. This is the lane I'm in, and I wouldn't want to be in the rapper market. It doesn't appear fun to me, and there are a lot of mean people in the world. I try to stay away from anything that doesn't pay my $20,000 an hour."

As everyone knows, RiFF RAFF is quite the character. He has utilized his engaging personality to stay relevant, and we're very interested to see what he's able to achieve in the dance world. He might anger many dance music purists, but this community loves fun and escapism. Who's more crazy and out of this world than RiFF RAFF?

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