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Skrillex Releasing Remix That Was Tweeted At Him

According to The FADER, Skrillex has Twitter to thank for Jai Wolf's remix of "Ease My Mind," which will be released on the upcoming Ease My Mind / Ragga Bomb Remixes EP. Skrillex said said, "I found this remix after I got a tweet from someone saying, 'Hey check out this bootleg some kid did.' I flipped out immediately and it's been in my sets ever since." 

This was very fortuitous for Jai Wolf, who is one of dance music's most talented up-and-coming producers. His bootleg of "Ease My Mind" has been floating around the internet for months, but Skrillex was so impressed that he decided to release it as an official remix. If you haven't heard the remix yet, click play below.

The Ease My Mind / Ragga Bomb Remixes EP will be released on November 24th, 2014.

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