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Krewella Countersues Rain Man; State He Was 'Pretending To DJ'

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf of Krewella have countersued Kris Trindl, also known as Rain Man. The countersuit comes nearly two months after Trindl sued the Yousafs for at least $5 million in damages. As expected, the Yousafs countersuit tells a very different story than what Trindl claims.

Richard Busch, the Yousaf sisters' attorney, said, "Kris chose, unfortunately, to file what we believe to be a baseless lawsuit, and we have now responded with documents that set forth the true facts. Everything we have to say about the matter is contained within these papers."

Despite missing a flight to EDC Mexico, Trindl claimed that he was staying sober. However, he claimed that an intervention was held to put him into rehab for depression. The countersuit says, "Kris was unaware of the intervention beforehand and at the intervention, it was apparent that he was not sober, with some commenting that they believed he was under the influence of marijuana. Everyone read letters to Kris expressing their love and care for him and their concerns for his well being. Kris refused to go to the sixty day treatment plan and instead told everyone to 'F--k off.'"

Also, the countersuit says that Trindl did not contribute to Krewella's live shows: "While on stage, Kris would generally stand to the side of Jahan and Yasmine and pump his arms, while pretending to DJ; he was onstage primarily for the sake of image. Because Kris did not know how to DJ, he only had two effect buttons."

The Yousaf court papers go on to say that Trindl actually disrupted live shows due to being intoxicated. The countersuit states, "Kris would recklessly use his controller to mess up Jahan and Yasmine’s mixing or would simply stop the music. Kris’s behavior became so disruptive that Yasmine would unplug and deactivate his equipment to limit the disruption; however Kris would be too intoxicated to notice."

Additionally, the Yousaf sisters are trying to have Trindl's initial lawsuit thrown out on the grounds of being insufficiently supported. The countersuit says, "Kris’s actions were grossly negligent and he has violated his duty of care to Krewella Music LLC."

Dina LaPolt, Trindl's attorney, responded to the countersuit. She said, "Yes he's an alcoholic and an addict. The point that it took him a while to get sober, doesn't give them right to arbitrarily throw him out and deny him his third share."

LaPolt also called out the Yousaf sisters' musical talent in her response. "When they met, [the sisters] didn't know what was a middle C was on the keyboard. They still don't," stated LaPolt. "The only notes they know are bank notes."

You can take a look at the Yousaf sisters' full countersuit below.

The Yousaf sisters will speak out in a live stream on Sunday, November 23 at 5pm PST. To watch the stream on Sunday, go to http://www.twitch.tv/krewella

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