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EDM.com Spotlight

Savant Goes Mesopotamian On Upcoming Album Zion

Savant to release futuristic 10th album

Aleksander Vinter might just be the hardest working producer in dance music today. Under his alias Savant, he has released 9 full-lengthed albums in the last 3 years alone, partly in thanks to his rare condition “Savant Syndrome" to which he originates his alias. Dance music fans have been going wild for the Norwegian artist's high-quality releases and wide ranging productions, and he has truly prepared a special composition for his tenth release. Savant will be releasing his 16-track LP epic titled “Zion" on December 13th, and he has explained that its contents aim to highlight the duality of Zionism and shows strong influences of Middle Eastern sounds. According to Savant himself,

"The goal here was to really go beyond anything I have done before. Really stick a nail in the coffin of EDM by turning it on its head with Mesopotamian influences, chord structures and progressions. The chanting in Mecca is his longtime friend and fellow musician Qwentalis who appears on a few of Savant's songs in this ten album march. He wanted to make his own language to follow this Tower of Babel theme. The intro to the song is Bulgarian, but the rest is a mix of Hebrew and Arabic."

EDM.com got an exclusive premiere of “Mecca” off the upcoming LP, take a listen below!

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Written by Harvit Gill

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