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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Working On Hollywood Film Score & Designing 45,000 Sq. Ft Home Studio

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 1 with legendary DJ Pete Tongdeadmau5 broke the news that he is currently working on the score for an upcoming film with an unnamed Hollywood director. He told Tong he just received the second draft of the film's scriptment, a combination of a script and a treatment that directors adapt to suit their vision. Deadmau5 also told Tong that the film's score would remain his main producing focus for the coming year. 

The Canadian producer has gone on record to say he's had the chance to score many film soundtracks but wanted to wait for the right film. While the director and film remain unknown, it seems as though deadmau5 finally found his ideal candidate for a score. 

Listen to the BBC 1 Radio interview below (deadmau5 breaks the news at 13:04):

Also, deadmau5 has revealed his latest plans in designing a 45,000 square foot home studio in his backyard. As if the “mau5hau5” wasn’t already over-the-top, a huge home studio conveniently located in his backyard seems like the only next logical step in creating a luxurious compound of his own.

Last week, deadmau5 posted via Instagram that he was building a temporary studio inside the mansion; however, his most recent tweet unveiling the backyard location of his upcoming studio suggests why the temporary studio was created in the first place. The enormous home studio will ultimately serve as a “complex for actual musicians.” Take a look at the design below.

Written by Cody Smith and Emily Hall 

Cover photo credit: Live Nation 

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