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Porter Robinson Moved By Eclectic Cover Of ‘Sad Machine’

Didrick & Ember Island's cover of "Sad Machine" impresses Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson’s most recent album Worlds is a work of art that is both enticing and imaginative in its own right. As such, it is only standard protocol for the EDM world to bring remixes and covers of his albm, and there isn't a single track off of this release that has been spared.

Fortunately, most of the singles covered on Worlds still retain a high level of integrity and vigor compared to their original compositions. One remix that truly stands out is Didrick & Ember Island’s cover of "Sad Machine," as it has even received high acclaim from Robinson himself.

Robinson comments on his own Facebook post to iterate how “the chord voicing they chose at :47 is particularly special to me. also, the choice to crescendo everything at the bridge is really cool. good job, strangers~!”

If Porter is happy, then this is definitely something worth listening. Check out the music video below:

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