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EDM.com Spotlight

12 Holiday Gift Ideas for EDM Fans

Electric Family is a celebrated brand in the EDM community. Their goal is to unite thousands of electronic music fans all over the globe and spread positivity within our community by giving back. They have put together a 2014 Holiday Lookbook, which features staple apparel and accessories in their latest Fall line. 

Their most popular items come from the Artist Bracelet series, they have been a massive hit with EDM fans and have raised a significant amount of funding for a good cause. Participating artists team up with Electric Family in order to design an exclusive bracelet that will benefit a specific charity they want to help and bring awareness to. Fans get the opportunity to not only rep some of their favorite artists but they are also giving back to the community with the purchase of each bracelet. Borgore has been the latest DJ to join the Electric Family. His bracelet works towards assisting the Keep a Breast Foundation, an organization on a mission to promote breast cancer prevention in young people through art, education, awareness, and action. Adventure Club, Kygo, Dash Berlin, and Krewella are just some of the many artists who have gotten involved and have a featured bracelet with Electric Family. Figure out what cause your EDM fan holds near and dear to their heart and try to find an Electric Family bracelet that supports it.

6. Speakers

Music shapes their lives, so why not provide your music lover with an amplified way to listen to it? It’s difficult to know which speakers are truly the greatest but when reflecting on what some of the elite in the EDM community use, it becomes evident what brands to lean towards. Boys Noize, Steve Aoki, and Laidback Luke are just some of the many EDM artists who utilize Sol Republic products. Their headphones are incredibly popular but so are their speakers. Sol Republic offers a few models of wireless speakers that are bound to project your EDM fans favorite beats in one of the clearest and loudest ways. Sol Republic offers a few different types of speakers to consumers. The Nervo twins have advertised their PUNK Speaker Model, which will cost you about $70. It has an eight-hour battery life, is both water and shock resistant, pairs effortlessly with any Bluetooth device, and comes with a one-year warranty. Headphones also make for a great alternative to speakers. 

7. DJ, Festival, or Record Label Merchandise

This is another great gift option for any EDM fan. They undoubtedly have a favorite artist, festival, or record label so purchasing merchandise for them not only gives them a way to support their favorite artist or fest but it also will boost their current wardrobe and style. Dillon Francis has a bunch of t-shirt and hats to choose from as well as really funny selection of special gifts. For $300 he’ll prank call your mom in the middle of the night. This crewneck from Fool’s Gold Records is a fan-favorite clothing item amongst EDM fans and a fitting gift for the wintertime. Insomniac’s store features merchandise from all of their festivals – Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape from Wonderland, White Wonderland, and more.    

8. Rave Gear - Kandi, Gloves, Hoops

There’s a huge possibility that the EDM fan on your holiday gift list is really into the rave culture and are a kandi kid, hooper, or glover! These EDM fans spend so much of their time ensuring that others have an incredible experience and spreading the message of peace, love, unity, and respect that the EDM community values so highly. They do this by practicing whatever their specific art might be and sharing it with those around them at shows and events.

Kandi kids creatively put together perlers, singles, and cuffs that they plan on giving away. They are always in need for more pony beads and perler beads to keep this lifestyle going. Your local craft store is bound to have pony or perler bead kits that will surely leave your kandi kid ecstatic. Glovers are always looking for the next best pair of LED’s to enhance the lighting experience of those watching. EmazingLights is the #1 leader in gloving and lightshow products. They offer a plethora of items glovers can choose from! Hoopers are mesmerizing to watch as they create spectacular visual patterns while performing with their beloved hula-hoop. It’s no doubt that if your "Secret Santa" is a hooper, they’ll truly appreciate another LED hula-hoop to add to their collection in order to spice up their typical mood hoop routine.

9. EDM Related Books

As explained in our 6 Of Our Favorite EDM Related Books article, EDM fans live an extremely energetic and fast-paced lifestyle. A great way for your EDM fan to relax yet still indulge in the EDM world is to pick up an EDM related book. 128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo's Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between is a sure favorite amongst Diplo lovers.

10. EDM Jewelry

A common go-to gift when holiday shopping is jewelry, and it is just as applicable when shopping for an EDM fan. Instead of going to your typical jewelry store, try to do some research and find EDM related jewelry. This Etsy account offers a different selection of accessories like earrings, necklaces, and pendants. A really cool option they offer is customized DJ rings. You could create a truly unique accessory for your EDM fan centered around their favorite artist that they can always wear.

11. Gag Gifts

Gag gifts make for a great present because joking around with loved ones always leads to a good laugh and bonding. Try to find a gift that will be sure to make the EDM fan you had in mind laugh endlessly because of how relatable or appropriate the gift actually is. If you know someone that can’t seem to stop expressing themselves, this Twerk it for Santa sweater could make for a hilarious gift.

12. DJ Equipment

If the EDM fan you’re shopping for happens to be a DJ or producer then gifting them with needed equipment would be an excellent idea. DJ equipment can be extremely expensive so you’d be doing them a huge favor by helping them purchase something to better develop their sound and skillset. Purchasing something the recipient needs really shows them that you genuinely care about their passion and fully support them pursing their dreams. Talk to the EDM fan before making any equipment purchases to see what they would like or still really need. If you’d like it to be a complete surprise then check out the Pioneer DJ Electronics site for a strong starting point.

EDM fans, are any of these on your Christmas list this year?

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For many of us, 2014 has passed us by without us knowing it. Holiday decorations have already been put on display and the Christmas music is slowly beginning to take over the radio. Although the holidays are typically associated with being the happiest time of the year, it can also be one of the most stressful due to gift shopping. The responsibility of finding the perfect gift that embodies each and every person on your list can definitely be the cause to some severe anxiety.

In order to alleviate you of some of that stress, we’ve compiled a list of 12 gift ideas that every EDM fan will surely get excited about:

1. DIFF Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential part of every event or festivalgoers outfit. A lot of festivals take place during the day and the LED panels and lasers can get extremely intense at night. Sunglasses assist in keeping your view of the stage free from obstruction. Here at The EDM Network we’ve become big fans of DIFF Eyewear. Their goal is to provide consumers with the same great quality of luxury sunglass but at a fair market value. For just $40 you’ll have a cool pair of handcrafted acetate frames, which is the same exact quality and production as Ray-Bans and Oakley’s, but for 1/5 of the price. The Kota and Dime frames are just a couple of the fashionable styles offered that you can choose from when purchasing a pair for the EDM fan you had in mind, and their Aurora series add another element to shows with their diffraction lenses. As if the price and quality wasn’t enough to convince people to buy DIFF sunglasses, for every pair of DIFF Sunglasses sold, a pair of reading glasses will be donated to Eyes on Africa, a non-profit organization aiming to provide reading glasses without any charge to those in need in Africa. Use the code BF2014 while checking out for a 25% off discount. 

2. Vinyl Record

Despite living in an MP3-driven culture, record players and vinyls are still managing to survive and make a return to the mainstream. Though some would consider the technology obsolete, record players are truly one of the best ways to listen to music and highlights the "rawness" of the sounds being emitted. The record player trend is strong and many artists have made their records available on vinyl. Above & Beyond and Deadmau5 have even released specialized vinyl packages in their merchandise stores. Figuring out your targeted EDM fan's favorite DJ and buying them one of their latest vinyls is a really unique and trendy gift that will certainly be valued. My Kaskade Redux and Porter Robinson Worlds vinyls are two of my most prized possessions and I even managed to get them both signed at their shows. With this gift, you could potentially be the catalyst to a growing record collection. If you're not sure that your EDM fan will like a vinyl, a copy of their favorite artists latest CD makes for a great gift as well. 

3. Ear Plugs

We cannot stress the importance of protecting ones ears enough, and wearing earplugs to shows is a great way to do so. The loud sounds at shows can be tremendously harmful to anyone in attendance. A few months ago, we reported that renowned DJ/producer Zedd was suffering from sudden hearing loss in his left ear, so its safe to say that EDM fans are constantly exposed to very loud music. Earplugs make an outstanding stocking stuffer that will keep your beloved music devotee protected. Once they lose their hearing, it’s pretty much lost forever, and Amazon offers tons of different earplug options that have industry-standard and customizable products.

4. Event Tickets

Although this might be an obvious option, this is one of the best gifts any electronic music fan could possibly receive. Buying tickets to every show or festival is detrimental to our wallets. Gifting someone with a pair of tickets is both extremely thoughtful and helpful. With New Years Eve right around the corner, this could be an excellent opportunity to buy tickets to events such as Lights All Night or Decadence NYE for that special EDM fan on your list to ring in the 2015 New Year in an unforgettable way.

5. Electric Family Bracelets or Apparel