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Cutline Releases 'ReVamp' And Talks Exploring Genres [Interview]

The duo celebrates the release of their new single "ReVamp"

Hailing from the UK, Cutline has demonstrated an unrivaled knack for exploring different genres of music for years. With deep roots in Drum ‘N Bass and Dubstep, they have recently branched into the Electro House and Nu House scenes, quickly finding their niche in the new field of sound. Along with releasing killer originals and remixes, Dan and Jeryl also showcase their unparalleled mixing skills in our exclusive monthly "In The Cut" mix.

EDM.com is ecstatic to premiere the exclusive release of their newest single "ReVamp,"  and we spoke wth the duo to learn more about their change of pace and views on the industry today. Take a listen to their awesome new single, and step into the life of Cutline!

EDM: In In The Cut 006, you mention that David Guetta and Pendulum have been playing your forthcoming track, ReVamp. How did that come about?

Jeryl: Paul from Pendulum has been playing our stuff for years now. We sent it to him a while back and forgot all about it. We weren’t even sure if we were going to put the record out until he tweeted us a video of him playing it at Reading Festival. Spoke to him about it and he said he’d been playing it every set this year! Kind of had to release it after that, didn’t we?

EDM: When listening to your new tracks and the In The Cut podcasts, I noticed a slight change in sound. Are you guys experimenting with new techniques or new styles?

Dan: Our biggest problem over the past years is that no one knows how to categorize us. Usually an artist gets known for writing one certain genre and then expanded outwards from there. We kind of did it the other way around… we always wrote everything! Even now we have a pile of random demos covering 110bpm Nu Disco, 160bpm D&B, Electro House, Trap. Everything!

Jeryl: Yeah, we got known for making dubstep because our biggest tracks were dubstep, but we always messed around with lots of genres. Over here in the UK the dubstep scene took a bit of a nosedive and everyone stopped making and playing it, most of the dubstep nights stopped. It was natural for us to be doing other things anyway, so we just carried on experimenting like we always have.

Dan: Absolutely, we love dubstep but there was an interview we saw with Borgore where he talks about how it’s like grunge music when Nirvana came around. How do you follow that? Same thing, when Skrillex came along how the hell do you follow that? Dubstep had to go back underground and it’s not like we were spearheading the scene or anything so we just kept on making all kinds of genres.

Jeryl: Thats one for the main reasons we are putting our new single, ReVamp, out on our own label. We can release what we want when we want. Its not enjoyable to sit and make the same thing over and over again, we get very very bored, but it makes it difficult for a label to know what to do with us. Now we’ll have complete control over what we want to release and when we want to release it.

EDM: Of anyone, who would you love to work with and why?

Dan: I think the list has been the same list since we were 18 years old. The Prodigy are obviously the top of that list. Because thats what got me into dance music in ‘91. My uncle played an old rave tape of them playing at some warehouse and I remember saying ‘What the fuck is this, this is incredible.’ Also, Method Man, he’s basically been our favorite rapper since we were kids.

Jeryl: Personally, I find the creative process quite individual. I find it difficult to work with someone in the sense of them sitting there. We don’t work together in the studio very often and when we do we tear into each other. I find it much easier to work on something in my own time and in my own space and then send it over to Dan who makes it better! I’d love to work with anyone talented who likes that way of working. (laughs)

EDM: Who has been your most unexpected yet inspiring collaboration?

Jeryl: We got asked to do a remix of a pretty much unknown act. We were sent an early demo of the track and we weren’t 100% sure about it. Initially we said no, but their management came back and asked us again so we went for it. The act was Rudimental, now one of the biggest bass music acts in the world, and the song was “Feel The Love” sung by John Newman (who’s just worked with Calvin Harris) and it ended up being a UK #1 single. Easily one of the biggest songs we’ve ever been a part of and actually an incredible record which we both love.

Dan: And then that whole Rudimental album was our summer album that year. We also played with them at Isle of Wight festival. I think we both felt really proud that we actually worked with these guys because they are fantastic.

EDM: Who works on what parts of the songs?

Dan: For the first couple of years Jeryl’s contribution was as the business side of Cutline. He was going out there and making sure people knew who we were, getting us remixes and so on.

Jeryl: Obviously I worked in PR and I knew that side of things quite well.

Dan: I would send him tracks and say what do you think of this and getting his feedback because I trust it. He has the same upbringing in music and has the same ear for things. More recently Jeryl spent a lot of time learning the studio stuff and now it’s basically 50/50 on Cutline releases. ReVamp is a track that Jeryl started. He would send me a new version every day, or even twice a day and I would give him feedback. Then, when it was pretty close to being a full track, I came in and finished it off, did the mixdown and added a few new elements.

EDM: What’s next?

Jeryl: I think we are the most excited about releasing stuff on our own label. We can do what we want when we want. We don’t feel constricted any more.

Dan: Yeah, when you’re working with a labels it can be hard, especially when they’re not sure how to market your music. When you’re in that kind of situation it can become really difficult and you can start to hate making music. Lately we’ve found our love of music again. We’re both really looking forward to getting stuff out there more regularly, and hopefully it will get as much love as ReVamp has!

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Written by Kyle Brown

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