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EDM.com Spotlight

Far Too Loud Releases 'Invader' And Prepares For Gravity Thailand

The talented producer & DJ is going out of 2014 with a bang

Oliver Cash is one of heavy bass music's most lethal adversaries. With countless releases on Never Say DieFunkatech, and OWSLA, along with numerous official remixes for the likes of Lily Allen, Crystal Method, and DESTROID to name a few, Far Too Loud has gone far and beyond the call to action of producer today. As FTL prepares for his debut performance in Thailand on November 29th at Gravity Thailand, the talented producer will be unveiling a handful of changes to his career, most notably with his logo and new merch store.

EDM.com is proud to premiere his newest single "Invader" along with an exclusive interview with Far Too Loud, where we discuss his upcoming performance in Thailand and his big plans or 2015.

Congratulations on hitting 100k fans man! How are you celebrating this momentous milestone?

With a solid hour of uninterrupted gloating.

Are you excited for Gravity Thailand? Do you have anything new or exciting planned for the show?

Aside from my new single "Invader," which was basically written especially for this show, I'll be testing out a couple of other new bits. We can't all be in Thailand so I'll be recording the set too for upload some time after.

How did "Invader" come to fruition? What about the giant Arcadia stage at GT inspired you?

I played the Arcadia spider once before at Boomtown Festival, and it was too awesome! Once the news came through about the Thailand show I instantly knew what I wanted to start my set with, but only in my head, so I had to set about writing it. 'Invader' is the result. I've never been to Thailand before so I don't know what people's level of understanding English is generally like, so if the voice sample just goes completely over their heads, at least it will still mean something to me!

What's your favorite track to play out currently?

I'm going to go for my remix of "Wild" by Snails and Antiserum that just came out on OWSLA. It originally started as a bootleg edit type of thing, but Fred heard it and was really into it so handed over the parts for me to turn it into an official remix. It had a mixed response on social media; some people really loved it, while others not so much, mainly because they expected something like my older tracks. But that's precisely why I love this remix though - it sounds fresh and exciting to me.

What are some of the biggest elements that help you make each track, both sonically and personally?

Err... drums, some bass, a drop? (laughs) I guess I don't consciously think like that when writing tracks. When I'm in the "concept" stage it can take a while for me to get something going, as I want to feel like it's infectious. If I go home from the studio and can still hear the idea and all the sounds perfectly clear going round in my head, then it's probably a winner.

You have a new site launching with a re-vamped logo and merch store - why all the change?

I love my original logo, however it only has one format and can't be typed out. I started to notice it looked small and odd on flyers with a bunch of other names so wanted something new in big bold type. Shout out to my artwork man Carl Holy Moly for nailing it. The new merch came about through Billionaires, a wicked clothing brand from USA who I've been linked up with for a while. Pretty much any gig pic of me from the last year you'll see me sporting their wares. Turns out they could set up a store and take care of merch for me which I'm very happy about as I love the brand. Plus there's a few new designs to launch with, and the plan is that more will come to go along with future releases.

What can we expect from you release and travel-wise in the coming months? Any new collaborations/projects in the works?

Before the end of 2014 I'll be making a debut appearance in three countries: Thailand, India and Argentina, all of which I'm massively excited for. Plus there'll be visits to Canada, America, France, Czech Republic, and Italy. On top of all of this, I'm also working on some solo original material for release in early 2015.

So what's your favorite way to spend your time between shows?

In airports.

And lastly, what's the biggest lesson you've learned from your career so far?

Always follow your gut instincts (eat some cake every day at 5pm).

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