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CAKED UP Steal LOUDPVCK & GLADIATOR's Track & Claim It As Their Own

This Song Slaps recently conducted some investigative reporting and discovered that CAKED UP's new remix of Rae Sremmurd's "No Type" pulls a large portion of its instrumental from LOUDPVCK and GLADIATOR's "Tony." In fact, CAKED UP's remix almost sounds like a mashup of "No Type" and "Tony."

Listen to CAKED UP's "remix" of "No Type" below, followed by "Tony." The similarities are evident once the drop of each track kicks in.

This Song Slaps did some more digging and found that CAKED UP likely took the drop from a sample pack titled "Big Room Trap." Fast forward to 1:22 to hear the drop.

This is the second time in two weeks that an outlet accused CAKED UP of stealing someone else's song and claiming it as their own. Do Androids Dance revealed that CAKED UP had taken Jackal's "Chinchilla" and released it as their own track.

The lack of originality displayed by CAKED UP is exactly what's damaging the scene right now. Also, Oscar Wylde of CAKED UP punching Crizzly a few months ago is another example of how bad this duo is for the dance music scene. The fact that they're growing in popularity is a troubling trend. At the very least, they need to begin producing their own music and start attributing sampled music to the original producers. 

[H/T: This Song Slaps]

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