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Military Veterans Are Using EDM To Heal & 6 Veterans Will Be DJing At Upcoming U.S. Military Benefit

A few months ago, we wrote about how some United States Military veterans have utilized dance music to heal following war. An upcoming event, titled "Military Electric," has come to our attention, and it has shown us that even more veterans have turned to dance music to improve their lives. Military Electric is being produced by Michael Garcia, who is a veteran. He has booked eight DJs for the event, including six U.S. veterans. The event will take place on Friday, November 28th at Aztec Lounge in San Antonio, Texas. 100% of the proceeds will go to Operation Comfort.

In a San Antonio Express-News feature, Garcia said, "I count my blessings because I came back from Iraq whole. But the transition has been hard. I think EDM music’s [sic] very therapeutic, and that’s helped a lot. There’s something about it that transcends, helps me with my PTSD, and takes me on a journey somewhere else. It’s healing, and I know a lot of soldiers who feel the same way.”

Garcia told the newspaper that EDM has been growing in popularity with the military. He isn't surprised due to dance music's appeal to younger people.

Derrick Ross, one of the U.S. veteran DJs playing at the event, recently earned his own feature in the San Antonio Express-NewsOperation Comfort, which provides supports to wounded veterans who have received treatment at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio, has helped both Ross and Garcia improve the quality of their lives. Ross said, "I’d like to return the favor and get donations to them in any way I can; it’s more money for them to help more veterans. It’s even better that I get to do it for a company that helped me out tremendously. I’m really pumped to play and happy to do this.”

Garcia and Ross met during Garcia's tenure as an Army medical tech at Brooks Army Medical Center. Ross was receiving treatment from the hospital at the time, and they bonded over house music.

It's amazing to see the effect dance music can have on people's lives. It can heal wounds and bring people together. If you live near San Antonio, we encourage you to attend Military Electric on Friday. To check out the Facebook Event for the show, click here.

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