Skrillex and Avicii have earned spots on Forbes' "Top Earning Celebrities Under 30" list. The list includes the ten highest earning celebrities under 30. According to Forbes: "The list is based on research for our annual Celebrity 100 rundown, which looks at entertainment-related earnings between June 2013 and June 2014. The Celebrity 100 is based on earnings and metrics that quantify fame." Their list is based on celebrities' entertainment-related income. Forbes did not deduct for management fees or taxes.

Skrillex came in at tenth on the list, raking in $18 million between June 2013 and 2014. Avicii earned the ninth spot, as he brought in $28 million. Forbes states, "He [Avicii] continues to clean up on the road, taking home six-figure sums every time he spins at a club, which he did 80 times during our scoring period alone."

Justin Bieber tops the list with $80 million. The list includes nine musicians. The only non-musician is Jennifer Lawrence.

Take a look at Forbes' full list below.

10. Skrillex – $18 million
9. Avicii – $28 million
8. Lady Gaga – $33 million
7. Jennifer Lawrence – $34 million
6. Miley Cyrus – $36 million
5. Rihanna – $48 million
4. Bruno Mars – $60 million
3. Taylor Swift – $64 million
2. One Direction – $75 million
1. Justin Bieber – $80 million

[H/T: Forbes]

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