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EDM.com Spotlight

Above & Beyond Fan Vomits While 'Pushing The Button' At A Live Show

Above & Beyond's "push the button" phenomenon has become extremely popular among the dance music community. In fact, we even wrote an extensive article about it. Their biggest fans dream of the moment that they'll get to step on stage and press the button in front of an enormous crowd.

However, we would imagine stepping on stage with your favorite producers/DJs in front of thousands is pretty nervewracking. At a recent show in Denver, Colorado, a fan seemingly couldn't handle pushing the button, and she vomited while on stage.

Jono Grant of Above & Beyond responded to a fan about the incident in hilarious fashion.

Let's not ridicule the fan, though. She was likely extremely excited and very nervous, and her nerves got the best of her. We hope she had fun pushing the button despite the unfortunate incident.

[H/T: DJ Mag Canada]

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