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EDM.com Spotlight

Richie Hawtin Pushes Speaker Onto Fan

The techno legend asked for a little too much space this past weekend

The renowned Time Warp event took place in the United States for the first time this past Thanksgiving weekend at the Kingsbridge Armory in New York City, and it boasted some of the best techno acts to ever hit the airwaves. One such legendary act Richie Hawtin made his appearance on Saturday, and it seems that one fan a little more than she bargained for at his performance.

In a fan-recorded video taken at the event, the techno DJ/producer turns to his monitor and begins playing it like a drum, ultimately knocking it off of its stand and into a young girl with her iPhone clad in her hand. Thankfully there were no injuries at the event, to the girl or her iPhone, but its safe to say that Richie might need to keep his drumming skills in the studio.

[H/T: Dancing Astronaut]

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