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EDM.com Spotlight

Totems Are Right For EDM

Totems are a vital part of EDM

I’ve recently acquired a huge affinity for totems. I’ve always admired other people’s from afar, even using them for my own reference when trying to link up with friends at a festival. However, having one for yourself provides an unprecedented number of advantages that truly upgrade your festival experience.

For one, your totem could literally be anything. Creativity abounds when it comes to creating your own totem, as proven below:

More obviously, totems are the best way for you to find your crew, and vice versa. Even new friends you’ve made now have an anchor to which they can gravitate to whenever they need to link up again.

It is also quite fun to personify them. Not only have you created an extra member of your group that doesn’t whine or complain (or really do anything save for exist), you’ve also provided yourself an opportunity to make interacting with strangers more comedic and interesting.

Personifying your totem means that you also have another “person’s” journey to document. It’s a fun exercise to snap pictures of your totem during all the awesome activities you engage in during festival hours as if it was on its own personal excursion, and generally provides a great excuse for photo ops of all types.

Totems are also great ice breakers. Big heads of your favorite artists draw admiration from other fans. Totems celebrating quirky aspects of festival culture instigate comments from passerby almost inherently. No matter what it is you have holding up, the fact that you’re constantly carrying it around will undoubtedly provoke someone to interact with you, using your totem as an excuse.

All in all, totems do a great deal to enhance the festival experience. If you’ve never carried one around before, give it a go and reap the rewards of more crowd interaction and an easier means of finding your crew.

Cover photo via www.thatdrop.com

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