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EDM.com Spotlight

Calvin Harris Earns $1 Million To DJ At A Halloween Party

From October 30th until November 2nd, one of the more unique Halloween celebrations took place. Bacardi flew 1,862 people to a private island in the Carribean Sea to attend Bacardi Triangle. The attendees flew from Los Angeles, London, and New York to the coast of Palomino, Puerto Rico on three different jumbo jets to witness Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, and Kendrick Lamar perform in the Bermuda Triangle.

You would expect that Bacardi had to pay these artists a pretty penny to fly to the Bermuda Triangle during Halloween, but even we're shocked at the price it took to book Harris. According to Page Six, Bacardi paid Harris an astouding $1 million to DJ. It's clear that the superstar producer has become one of the most in-demand artists in the world.

You can watch a short recap of the event below.

Harris also headlined Day 2 of HARD Day of the Dead over the weekend. He's currently promoting his new album, Motion.

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