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EDM.com Spotlight

Porter Robinson Created A SoundCloud Account To Track The DJ Mag Top 100

Porter Robinson recently spoke with inthemix about the current state of electronic dance music, and as expected, he displayed keen awareness about the industry. 

Despite being extremely busy with his Worlds tour, Robinson still has the time to dig for new music like any other music fanatic. Robinson said, "I definitely try to stay aware of the broader trends of music. I’ve been on this weird kick recently where I made a SoundCloud account just to follow every single EDM top 100 DJ… Once I finish browsing Reddit and I come to the bottom of Tumblr and I’m not interested anymore then I open up this second SoundCloud account and I’m, like, ‘let me just listen to a bunch of the stuff that everyone is putting out today.'"

His new SoundCloud account has made him realize that many popular producers are following the same path in terms of musical genre. Robinson said," And that’s [his second SoundCloud account] where I’m seeing this trend of a lot of these [top 100] guys jumping ship and trying to make pseudo deep house inspired stuff… I get the sense that that stuff is making a lot of Dutch DJs a little bit nervous. It’s like a soap opera. That sounds so bad, but it’s fun for me to see what people are doing. I listen to basically everything that comes out.”

His observation rings true. Many producers in the DJ Mag Top 100, including Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, and Sander van Doorn, have experimented with deeper sounds recently. House music with deep house elements and "future house" have seen tremendous growth in popularity and will continue to bring in a massive amount of fans.

Robinson's conversation with inthemix took place because he's scheduled as a keynote speaker at Australia's upcoming Electronic Music Conference at the start of December. He told inthemix, “It would be a little bit self-serving for me to go up to a panel and just talk about myself as an artist. I’m purely doing it ‘cause I wanna talk about the subject and it’s interesting to me…and I kind of like speaking in public." 

We can't wait to hear what Robinson has to say at the conference. He always offers thought-provoking insight on dance music.

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