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EDM.com Spotlight

Temporary Festival Set Times Tattoos Will Improve Your Festival Experience

If you’ve been to any music festival, you’ve dealt with the headache of trying to remember your entire schedule of set times. You might be forced to fumble around in your bag to find that little paper brochure that you picked up upon entering to make sure you don’t miss that must-see set. Alternatively, you might have to squint at your phone screen to try to read the tiny screenshot of the set times.

Well thanks to Sarah Lawrence, a graphic designer based in Atlanta, GA, all of those troubles can be no more with her temporary festival set times tattoos. You can easily paste all of your must-see sets, your entire festival schedule on your body without worrying about it washing off or disappearing.

How does it work? Lawrence says it’s simple. Lay out the pre-made rows of set times, cut them out and lay them flat on your body, hold a wet washcloth on top of them for 30 seconds, and you have your festival schedule all set! Need to wash them off? Just wash with baby oil and they should come right off.


Lawrence is already in talks with festival promoters about getting these temporary set times tattoos out there for the 2015 festival season, but for now, check out the packet she made for Bonnaroo 2014 below!

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