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Hardwell Discusses Upcoming Album And 'I Am Hardwell' Tour Finale

Robbert van de Corput needs little introduction - he currently sits at the #1 spot for the second year running in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, he runs his own record label Revealed Recordings and radio show, he is working on his new album with collaborations from some of the biggest names in the business... you get the point. Hardwell has achieved more than many in his career so far, but his latest live show concept has recently become one of the Dutch star’s most crowning achievements.  

The 26-year-old has spent the better half of the last year and a half taking venues by storm with his "I am Hardwell" tour. The tour currently has sold-out shows in 19 countries around the world, including dates in Singapore, Guatemala, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Bangalore, Mumbai, Lisbon and London. Having conquered the eastern hemisphere, he is now poised to take over North America for the final leg of the tour, as announced during his takeover of Times Square earlier this year.

His North American tour began on Halloween last week in Chicago, where we caught up for a chat with the world's number one DJ. 

Fans who have watched the I AM HARDWELL documentary have witnessed the intense brainstorming sessions that Hardwell has put into his world tour. Today, fans in North America will be able to witness the tour for the first time. This leg of Hardwell’s tour is the very last of it all - bringing his worldwide trek to seven cities in the U.S. and Canada with a grand finale taking place at Madison Square Garden - undoubtedly one of the most legendary venues in the world.

“A year and a half ago, we came up with the idea to launch the 'I Am Hardwell' tour and so far we’ve literally been all around the world - as the last part of the tour, I’m extremely excited for America… I really love the crowd reactions in America, it is definitely one of my favourite places to play.”

“After travelling for [18 months] on this tour, everything is now in a perfect state - it’s final form - I think this is the best so far… The closing show at Madison Square Garden is THE most legendary show I’ve ever played. Definitely one of the most iconic venues in the world…. It’s the last stop the last show of the 'I Am Hardwell' tour, so its going to be a special one.” 

If you’ve been hiding under a rock and still haven’t caught the "I AM HARDWELL" tour hype yet - "I AM HARDWELL" is a concept show, inspired by Hardwell’s vision to express himself and take his sets to the next level - something he was unable to do when limited to an hour festival set. 

“After playing all of the big festivals around the world, I thought it was time for something new - something that allowed me to express myself music-wise and show-wise. I wanted to take the next step… From the very beginning, I was involved in the stage design - every track is synced up with it’s own visuals and lights, I play songs from my new album, older tracks, and tracks that are never going to be released - for any Hardwell fan - it is the ultimate Hardwell experience…”

Fans can expect a one-of-a-kind, exclusive 3-hour set from Hardwell. Everything has been tailored made to give the fan the most in-depth Hardwell experience that they can get. From the visuals to the stage design, everything has been inspired by Hardwell’s music and his vision. Playing a 3-hour set gives Hardwell the freedom to play his massive known hits, new collaborations, and fully showcase his range as a DJ. 

In addition to a mind-blowing three hour set from Hardwell, fans can expect one hell of a warm-up set from dance music’s rising star Dannic - the highly prodigious DJ and producer from the Netherlands. Having now debuted at #74 in this year’s Top 100 DJ Mag poll in combination with becoming a tour support act for Hardwell, he is starting to harness the recognition he deserves.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the true Hardwell experience, he explained:

“I try to take the crowd on a musical journey, every night is different, there is no tracklist yet. Every night is just me standing in the booth opening with my intro then we just see what is going to happen…” 

“If you come alone to the show, you will still have one of the best nights of your life. It’s super euphoric… that’s what I’m trying to create with "I AM HARDWELL" - a euphoric energetic feeling where everybody is connected and united and I am there to party with the crowd… through the music I try to speak to them. I always say music is universal, and I’m using music to connect us.” 

The "unity" theme derived from the "I Am Hardwell" tour was also the inspiration for his new album “United We Are” - set to be released Janurary 23rd 2015. For many, having an album deadline in sight and a jam-packed tour schedule mixed isn’t an ideal combination, however for the Revealed recordings founder, touring in many ways develops his creative edge and gives him the inspiration needed to finish his highly anticipated album. 

“The last two weeks on the road are definitely my last inspiration for the album. To be on the road inspires me. Having a dance floor in front of me every night allows me to test out my tracks and judge for myself which tracks work and don’t work. Based on the crowd reactions [of the North American leg of the tour], I’m going to decide which songs will make it onto the album and which wont.”

For the fans eagerly waiting for a sneak preview of the album, his self-chosen stand-out track and crowd favorite is his latest track with W&W and Fatman Scoop "Don't Stop The Madness." The tune that has already scored itself a firm placing in his "I Am Hardwell" sets. Whilst on the topic of collaborations - Hardwell listed his personal favorite as his collaboration with Tiesto, and noted a collaboration with Headhunterz as a tune that is undoubtedly "pushing boundaries" and defying the norms of his regular music, while still encasing that signature Hardwell sound.

“I’m definitely experimenting with my sound [in the upcoming album]. When I started the album I felt more free. Usually when I make my tracks, [my previous tracks] they were all dancefloor-minded as they all needed to work on a big stage, however, my album - you can enjoy it listening by yourself at home too. I’ve definitely explored outside of my boundaries and 40% of the album is tracks you would have never expected me to make… it’s all dance minded, but keep an ear out for Deep House, Hardstyle and Big Room…”

Alongside the 2015 album, Hardwell will be going on tour for the project. His debut studio album had its artwork revealed, and I must say, it’s quite Hardwell’s style. Simple and stylized, the art is essentially Robbert himself.

“I really enjoyed producing the album, so for the next year I definitely want to focus on my production, and will continue touring with a new stage and new show - this is going to be my album tour [United We Are]. At this point I still like being on stage and performing, so we will see what the future brings.” 

Sure, he already has the hearts and ears of a large portion of the EDM community, but he still has so much more to offer. After his performance at Madison Square Garden, it is time to close the chapter on this story and open up a brand new one - getting ready for a 2015 takeover. 

Don’t miss your chance to be taken on the "I AM HARDWELL" journey.

Tickets for I AM HARDWELL are available now.

For the time being, keep busy with Hardwell’s "I AM HARDWELL North American Tour Mix" to hear all your favorites, including his stand-out tour track with W&W and Fatman Scoop.






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Written by Lauren Mikkor

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