EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Tim Exile Turn A TED Talk Into A Rave For Scientists

What happens when you put a bunch of scientists into a room with a DJ? You’d be surprised to see that the end result isn’t much different than that of a rave.

At a local, independently organized TED Talks event in Cern, electronic instrument inventor and DJ Tim Exile showed everyone what would happen when the power of science came together with the power of music, and the result was astonishing. For those that don’t know, TED events are typically live speaker events with an eye towards sparking deep discussion and connection within a small group of intellectuals. However, as Tim Exile showed us, there really isn’t all that much of a difference between a group of ravers and a group of scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider in Cern. Exile is a composer and inventor of electronic music sounds, and for this very special remix, he actually went into the Large Hadron Collider and recorded sounds from its data centers, mixing and blending these unique sounds and turning it into a tech-house track more fitting for a London underground club than a TED talk filled with scientists.

As Exile keeps mixing and playing, more and more audience members seem to join the dance floor, and eventually begin partying behind him as well! Check out the video for yourself to see what the exceptionally talented Exile has to say...Or you can skip to 11:30 to catch perhaps one of the nerdiest Boiler Room videos you’ll see to date.

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