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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 32

These abusive dubstep drops need to be incarcerated immediately

It is that time of the week again when we all get together and give you a crash course in grimy dubstep drops. With Volume 32 fully locked and loaded, it is nearly impossible for any of our regulars to miss a beat. Stuffed with songs that are sure to satisfy the rager inside all of us, our latest edition wanders into previously unexplored territory. We hope you are feeling adventurous, because there is plenty of new music to examine.

10. Dodge & Fuski - Vibes

After checking in last week with “Poison,” Dodge & Fuski returns once again, but this time it is with a totally different type of tune. The now one-man act recently released his first two-track EP as a solo act and the response has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. While nobody will deny that “Killer Bees” feels like a yellow jacket sting to the ears, it was actually “Vibes” that we could not resist showering with accolades. Reminiscent of that 2010 dubstep style, this throwback track’s crooked drops are slimier that a room full of sleazy politicians. This act might be half the size nowadays, but that has not kept him from going twice as hard.

9. Init - Rage

Regardless of where you live, there is a high probability that there is an outstanding warrant for Init. Truth be told, this producer is a threat to anybody he comes in contact with - so if his brand of bass music has yet to invade your speakers, consider yourself the soon-to-be next casualty. With his new Nuclear EP receiving no shortage of exposure over the course of the past week, we would have to be living on a deserted island to ignore this individual’s miraculously menacing sound. You fans of Twine will have a feel-good field trip with the reckless and rowdy drops from “Rage.” Expect to see some more Init as we continue our dirty drop trek.

8. Bukez Finezt - Knock Knock VIP

Bukez Finezt is a beast, baller, & boss all rolled into one bass-infused package. Linking up with our homies over at The Dub Rebellion, his “Knock Knock VIP” is the kind of massive release that this legendary producer has become renowned for. Each drop exhibits a much calmer demeanor than some of the craziness we are used to, but that in no way detracts from their dirtiness level. In fact, I would go as far to say that this tune has been plastered with pounds upon pounds of unregulated grime. Why even bother knocking when Bukez Finezt can just kick your front door off its hinges?

7. Creation - Get Me Doe

Creation has been absolutely blowing up the spot as of late. Seriously, I cannot name a lot of other heavy bass musicians that are half as determined to leave their signature on the dubstep scene. When Prime Audio unleashed his Rorschach EP, it was never a question of good vs. evil - it was always a question of life vs. death. The choice was yours to make, we just wanted you to be prepared for all possible outcomes. Surrounded by the thumping title track and the underground anthem “ Went Ape,” “Get Me Doe” was the obvious decision for dropping it the dirtiest. This is one of those songs that force you to make sure your head in screwed on tightly. Because if not, there is a 99.9% chance you are going to lose it.

6. Bloodthinnerz - Ghetto Gospel

With their Tragedy EP now in the books, the duo of Bloodthinnerz was a very smart bet to show up on our filthy dubstep fiesta. Competing with tunes like “Cryclone 2014” and “#Bloodgang,” “Ghetto Gospel” ran away with the lead position quicker than Usain Bolt. So what is it about this track’s irresistible drops that make them more addictive than crack? The sliced up synth patterns? Sure. Wonks that seemingly never stop vibrating? Definitely. And how about sound design that takes a backseat to nobody? That surely never hurts. This latest one from the Bloodthinnerz is an all-out bass blitz.  

5. Trolley Snatcha - Take It Back

“Take It Back” might be locked into our #5 slot, but this song has serious #1 potential written all over it. Firepower Records are the culprits behind Trolley Snatcha’s brand new seven-track release, and if the Archetype EP has not already found a safe home in your music library, then you were likely doomed from the get-go. Now, back to the tune in question, because all three of these scandalous drops are more than deserving of your undivided attention. Build-ups this subtle typically do not transition into such a heavy breakdowns, but that is precisely what makes Trolley Snatcha who he is. That first drop is awfully enticing, but just wait until you get a glimpse of the second.

4. Init - Full Power

We warned you that Init would be impossible to keep off of the top of our list - and we were not lying. With “Rage” already registered in our #9 position, we shifted our focus to the bloodthirsty “Full Power.” Featuring a total of two drops, Init does everything in his power to make each one as unique as possible, while also attempting to stay true to his rugged dubstep roots. The result is an impeccably beautiful balance of muck and grime, two essentials that we can never go without. Init gave this song everything he got, so y’all better be ready for something special.

3. Eptic - Dimension 7

It is no secret that Eptic is one of dubstep’s most prized possessions. The Belgian bass blue-chipper has had no trouble winning over both producers and listeners alike. Long associated with the popular label, Never Say Die Records - the musician’s most recent contribution to the imprint is none other than The End EP. When it finally came time to pick a favorite, every arrow in the near vicinity was pointing directly at “Dimension 7.” Like many of Eptic’s previous dirty drop recipes, this newest cut also follows suit. So you would be right to anticipate a lot of lively synth work and bass that rattles every bone in your freaking body. That definitely sounds like our idea of fun.

2. Trolley Snatcha - Killer

Somebody has got to give Trolley Snatcha some much-deserved credit for working his way into two of our top five slots this week. With more legit contenders on our hands than we know what to do with, it makes the feat seem all the more remarkable. So, where do we start with “Killer.” The apt track title? It’s no-excuses attitude? Or what about those downright evil drops? Because as far as we are concerned, all of those elements play a crucial roll in the development of this terrifying tune. Once you board the Trolley Snatcha express, there is no turning back.

1. Bassnectar - Now (RUN DMT Remix)

Settling in comfortably at our #1 spot is RUN DMT with his knock-your-socks-off remix of Bassnectar’s “Now.” For those of you out there that have been led astray by outrageous claims like ‘dubstep is dead,’ there has never been a better opportunity to completely dispel that harebrain theory. Showcased alongside remixes from a wide variety of other talented producers, it took us all of about 30 seconds before determining that this tune was worthy of our highest honor. These incomparably intense drops are truly something else. RUN DMT raises the stakes to immeasurable heights with this new remix.

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