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Skrillex & Zomboy Remix 'Ragga Bomb'

Skrillex and Zomboy have remixed "Ragga Bomb" and turned it into an even bigger bass tune. The remix will be released on Skrillex's upcoming remix EP, Ragga Bomb v Ease My Mind Remixes. Listen to the remix below!

The Skrillex and Zomboy remix might be surprising to a lot of their fans. Earlier this year, the internet was going crazy over the similarities of Zomboy's track “Terror Squad” and Skrillex's “All is Fair in Love & Brostep." "Terror Squad" was released first, but Skrillex was playing his track as an ID for a long time. Zomboy explained it all in the Facebook post below, and Skrillex stated that it was all love.

Written by Harvit Gill

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