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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Knife Party's New Album, 'Abandon Ship'

A few months ago, Rob Swire took to Twitter to announce that Knife Party’s highly anticipated album Abandon Ship was going to be delayed from its original release date of October 27th to November 10th. Just last week, Swire once again announced, to the dismay of his fans, that the album was once again delayed, this time to November 24th. To appease his antsy fans, Swire promised that the album would be up online for streaming on THUMP a full week before the release date.

However, as of this morning, Knife Party’s Abandon Ship album was listed on iTunes for sale. We’re not quite sure if this was a mistake on iTunes' end or if Swire was trying to push the album out to his fans ahead of time, but we’re not complaining. Check out the album on iTunes for yourself now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/abandon-ship/id920886128

Also, you can listen to some of the album's tracks below. We've finally found out that "EDM Trend Machine" is a deep house track, which is extremely fitting due to the growing popularity of the genre.

[H/T: Your EDM]

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