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EDM.com Spotlight

Play Me Records Releases New Blood Vol. 5 Compilation

The fifth installment of New Blood features dubstep, trap, glitch-hop, and more

The illustrious Play Me Records has had an iconic influence on the heavy bass scene since its inception in 2009. Created by the talented DJ/producer Reid Speed, the label has gone on to release hundreds of singles, EPs, albums, and compilations from a myriad of today's most established and on-the-rise acts. Their series "New Blood" collects the works of today's best and brightest newcomers and highlights the new generation of bass-centric artists.

The hybrid combination of four-on-the-floor vibes and broken beat grooves make this compilation the perfect medley for every kind of heavy bass fan. From dubstep to electro to glitch-hop to trap, each track showcases the future of EDM, presenting a new breed of talent to the newbie and veteran fan. The 16-track EP is available for streaming on SoundCloud as well as for purchase on Beatport, so get to know these incredible rising stars and get your copy of "New Blood Vol. 5" today!

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