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EDM.com Spotlight

Hakksan Charging $500,000 Bottle Service For Calvin Harris NYE Event

New Year's Eve events have always been synonymous with opulence. NYE EDM shows in particular often come with egregious price tags, most notably seen last year with Miami superclub LIV's expensive Tiesto show. To help bring in the new year, mammoth Vegas club Hakkasan unveiled their "Dynastie Package" for their upcoming event with Calvin Harris. Guests who spend $500,000 will receive the following:

  • The guest's name flashing on the main screen during a confetti drop. 
  • A 30-liter Midas by Armand de Brignac served by a model cocktail waitress. 
  • An exclusive championship belt. 
  • A gold disc signed by Calvin Harris.
  • Diamond cuff links and a diamond necklace. 

Eva Shaw and Burns will open for Harris, and Ruckus will play in the club's Ling Ling Room. While the bottle service comes with an extraordinary price tag, general admission tickets run $175 for females and $325 for males before fees. With Harris being paid $1 million to perform recently, it should come as no surprise that his NYE event would come with a steep tag. It will be interesting to see how competiting clubs respond in an attempt to one-up the competition with even more egregious services.

The Dynastie Package bottle service is also available on December 30 with Hardwell and January 1 with Tiesto.

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