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EDM.com Spotlight

Carnage Opens Children’s Learning Center in Nicaragua

On behalf of my Grandparents, the Chipotle Gang and myself, I want to dedicate this learning center to the kids in Villa Japón. My family always taught me as a child that "Charity starts at Home."
- Carnage

(Words taken from a plaque located on the wall at the learning center.)

The EDM community has had an extensive history when it comes to helping others in need. On December 11th, 2014, Carnage hopped on the bandwagon by establishing his own learning center in Villa Japón, Nicaragua. Carnage’s Children’s Learning Center will supply books and other essential school materials, a digital library, and a children’s room. His newly established learning center will also be used to host technology classes, vocational workshops, and music and dance classes.

With the help of Seeds of Learning, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of education in Latin America, Carnage says this is the first of many learning centers to come. SOL works alongside North and Central Americans in building and equipping learning centers that will both educate children and youth and promote cross cultural unity and understanding.

The famous DJ/producer is calling attention to the exceedingly rural community Villa Japón, which consists of a mere population of 3,000. Poverty in these areas is so drastic that members of the community are barely capable of providing basic needs for their families and houses are made of plastic tarp, cardboard and sheet metal.

Carnage wrote a heart-felt message to his fans and supporters of the cause:

To Chipotle Gang and Readers around the world:

I was raised in Guatemala. I saw things that most Americans didn’t see first hand. You may see it in magazines, on television and on the internet, but actually living and seeing it in front of you makes a huge difference.
Three months ago I told my management I wanted to build a school back in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Luckily we found a great organization that could make this come through – Seeds of Learning.
Now the first of MANY learning centers are finished. What’s a better way to give back then to build a school for people that don’t have the opportunity to go an get knowledge from a school because it’s too far or too expensive?
Villa Japon (the location of my first learning resource center) is just 1 of many good things coming...
And I'm now working on my second school that I will be building in Guatemala.
I suggest you guys do the same for any culture or race you might be. Give back. Make a difference.

I love you all.


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