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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 36

In need of some dirty drops? Then you have come to the right place.

You better have some trustworthy backup if you intend on facing-off against these bass music brutes all by your lonesome. Because Vol. 36 of our ongoing series is plastered with ridiculously colossal dubstep tunes from beginning to end. If there is a lull anywhere amongst these lethal drops, we have not been able to locate it. So strap yourself in, keep that chin up, and lets see if you have what it takes to hang with the big boys.

10. Mashur - You Are Not Alone

Mashur was first spotted on the bass music scene alongside Kevlar. Since then, these two producers have redirected their efforts towards their solo projects. Many of you probably got a good taste of Mashur when “Back To Business” first hit the airwaves, but even that beast of a track barely measured up to his latest release. “You Are Not Alone” is one of those rare finds that is capable of crushing every unsuspecting set of speakers it comes across. The tenacious first drop is balanced brilliantly with the slightly slipperier second drop. Open up those ears and give this tremendous tune a listen.

9. Zardonic - Restless Slumber (Imagin8 Remix)

Cue the heavy metal guitar and vocals, because it looks like we are getting into some seriously destructive deathstep this week. Plenty of people complain about screamo dubstep being too intense, but I for one, could not disagree more. Lost somewhere amongst the sea of dubstep subgenres, this distant relative of dance music never quite gets the respect it deserves. That is, until now. Following in the footsteps of names like Mantis & 1.8.7. Deathstep, Imagin8 presents us with a pair of drops that no person can properly prepare for. His remix of “Restless Slumber” would make Zardonic himself have a full-on spaz attack. This blistering banger is sure to bring out your bad side.

8. Truth - Istanbul

Well, I am not afraid to admit it, but I have got a gigantic soft spot for anything from Truth. The renowned duo has already earned their masters degree in deep dubstep and there is not anywhere to go from here but up. Their Undeniable EP has been making quite a ruckus since it was released and I cannot say that I am too surprised. With seven songs to choose from in total, I just closed my eyes and let my ears handle all the hard work. Before I even knew it, “Istanbul” emerged as the heavy favorite among the bunch. Tied together with Middle Eastern influences and structurally strong percussion, the dark drops in this track will leave you feeling like some type of evil genius. When it comes to new music from Truth, you have got to hear it to believe it.

7. Spag Heddy - Whuck! (Code: Pandorum Remix)

Lets play a little game I like to call, “how much filthier can you make an already disgusting dubstep tune?” Because this Code: Pandorum remix of “Whuck!” is some of the grimiest and goriest EDM that you will ever run into. If you jump into this violent track without a defibrillator nearby, you are basically giving yourself a death sentence. Although, even an electric chair would not send half as many volts through your body as this Code: Pandorum executioner. These drops will not just leave your hair standing on edge - it will rip it clean off of your skull. Also, do not be alarmed if you notice smoke shooting out of your ears, this is a completely normal response. I will always keep the door to our bass music condo open for Code: Pandorum.

6. DET - Sacred

I am still learning more and more about DET on the daily. What I do know so far is that he can create dope dubstep productions like it is nobody’s business. For all of you out there that are big supporters of Moody Good or Culprate, I have no doubt that “Sacred” will be viewed as a source of thorough entertainment. Opening with a suspenseful introduction, this song takes its sweet time before spiraling into a nosedive of nasty noises. Hold on tight to your mind, because drops of this nature have been known to make a man (or woman) lose it. Every note you absorb from DET gets you one step closer to that straitjacket and padded room.

5. Dirt Monkey & Tucker Kreway - Party Anthem

From the first sound until the last, everything about this quirky collab makes me want to party like there is no tomorrow. Dirt Monkey is a well-established dubstep veteran and Tucker Kreway has come an incredibly long way during his 2014 campaign. So when these two producers decided to bash their heads together for “Party Anthem,” dirty drops were something of an inevitably. Now, the first drop packs in a ton of fun (literally), but that second drop is where the true magic happens. Your entire neighborhood is going to be knocking down your front door when they overhear this wacky tune from Dirt Monkey & Tucker Kreway. Do not say I did not warn you.

4. MONXX - Realness

It was not all that long ago that “Do It Like” from MONXX made an appearance on this very segment. To make matters even more serious, the duo did not even think twice before returning for round two. With “Realness” coming to rest in our #4 position, MONXX makes the kind of statement that forces listeners around the globe to take notice. Whether it is the lighthearted vocal samples or the cheeky synth work, there are not many aspects of this track that are not worthy of a full round of applause. Both drops do a first-rate job of blending filth with ferocity. Clearly MONXX’s arrow is trending upwards at the moment, and I see no logical reason why that will not continue to be the case.

3. Twofold - Enigma

As we enter top 3 territory, this is where things tend to get extra messy. After teaming up with Uplink Audio for the release of their Second Contact EP, the guys from Twofold were a safe bet to show up somewhere on our illustrious list of dirty drops. Now, there are very few producers out there that can mirror the kind of apocalyptic dubstep that Cookie Monsta manufactures, but Twofold comes about as damn close as I have ever seen anybody come. The drops in “Enigma” feel like somebody just shoved your head inside of an airplane’s turbine engine. This turbulent tune is sure to blow a lot more than your socks off.

2. Datsik & Twine - When They Drop

There are not a lot of names in dubstep that are more eye-catching than Datsik. So you can imagine that when his Down For My Ninjas EP was released via Firepower Records, I was incredibly quick to react. On the other side of this surreal collab, Twine reminds us why he is one of 2014’s most improved bass music producers. Say what you will about this young gun's varying styles, but nobody in the dubstep industry has made strides even half the size of this kid they call Twine. Plus, with a song title like “When They Drop,” it was almost as if these two musicians were just begging to be included in our weekly escapades. Just when you thought you had built up immunity to the toughest drops on the planet - Datsik & Twine had to come along and bring the sickness.

1. Funk4Mation - Castle Monsta (Spag Heddy Remix)

I guess coming in at #3 on Vol. 35 (with his “Scorpion” remix) was just not good enough for Spag Heddy. So without hesitation, he immediately had to one-up himself. Featured on Funk4Mation’s brand new Castle Monsta EP, this valiant remix is surely one for the record books. Easygoing lead-ins spill over into drops that are stockpiled with downright wicked sounds. This contrasting combination helps add a whole new variety of excitement to this absolutely electrifying track. You might want to bust out a baby bib for this one, because something tells me that we are about to have some heavy droolers on our hands. Wipe up that spittle and compose yourself kiddos. Who is hungry for some new Spag Heddy?

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