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EDM.com Spotlight

Ash Pournouri Creates "My Moments" Playlist On Spotify

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EDM: What is the biggest obstacle that you've faced in building At Night Management?

AP: The everyday challenges are part of the job but the big obstacle is obviously staying close with your artists when the heat turns up. So much to do and so little time. 

EDM: What makes your personal and professional relationship so successful with your artists?

AP: We are one big family (artists and the entire At Night team) and the ties are the most important part so that we are always in sync and can support each other.

EDM: Do you have a secret to your success for those in the field of management?

AP: Work hard, stay consistent and believe in what you're doing. 

EDM: How about in the industry as a whole?
AP: I would say the same applies. Conviction is key to making the impossible happen.

EDM: Your "Moments" playlist cover a vast diversity of genres - where does your mixed palette come from?

AP: Through my life I have always listened to music with "open ears". I love tracks that resonate with me regardless of genre or artist. 

EDM: Can you make any predictions on the future of EDM and the music industry?
AP: I think EDM is here to stay, but I doubt it will remain as much in the spotlight as it has. As a whole I think the industry will keep reinventing itself. Not because it's so insightful but because it will have to. The consumer decides and right now the consumer is more or less saying that most content should be more or less for free, except if there is a premium service attached to it. It will be interesting to see what next "Soundcloud" or "Spotify" type services will come to emerge in the next 5-10 years.

The mastermind behind Avicii and At Night Management presents his favorite music

Ash Pournouri might not be a familiar name to some, but it's undeniable that his work has been recognized by millions. The entrepreneur/manager/lawyer/marketing genius has achieved more than most in his young career, and his continuous success has ranked him as one of EDM's most prolific leaders. Founder of the renowned At Night Management and PRMD Records, Pournouri is the brain behind such mega-acts as Avicii and CAZETTE, working with them both from their earliest stages and building their careers into the monolithic entities that they hold today.

On top of this, Pournouri has developed an amazing relationship with the music streaming company Spotify, and their connection has helped give Avicii the highest-streaming single of all time (Wake Me Up) and give CAZZETTE millions of streams/downloads for their album Eject and single "Sleepless" featuring The High. Pournouri recently teamed up with Spotify to release "My Moments" playlist, a 41-track collection of Ash's favorite music at today. We spoke to the multi-talented businessman about his career thus far and his newest playlist - check out the interview below!