EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Take A Journey Through Arcades And Dreams In Ark Patrol's Debut Album Voyager

Listen to the exclusive premiere of "Never"

Hailing from the the beautiful and serene islands of Hawaii, it's safe to say that Ark Patrol is not your average producer. His dream-meets-arcade style showcases a nostalgic theme to each of his releases, and he exercises a profound command of tension, release, and sound processing that rivals most.

Harnessing the atmosphere of his homeland in his debut album Voyager (set for release on December 15th), the 9-track release takes listeners on a euphoric journey through soundscapes and uplifting synth melodies, and is tied together by expertly placed drum patterns and vocal samples. EDM.com is proud to exclusively premiere "Never," a soothing yet driving house lullaby from his debut album, and you can take a listen to it below.

We can expect a bright and strong future for the Berklee-attending producer, and we suggest you keep him on your radar for the coming year.

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