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Axwell Λ Ingrosso Reveal Pusha T Collaboration, Tease Album On BBC Interview

Last night, BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong brought in the esteemed Axwell Λ Ingrosso pair for a revealing 30 minute interview. With Axwell in the studio, and Ingrosso on the phone, the two divulged that they were still hard at work on their debut album. The still-untitled LP marks the first collective release for the Swedish House Mafia alumni, and Axwell told Tong that the success of their group prevented him from releasing his own album a few years ago.

"Before Swedish House Mafia there was supposed to be an Axwell album, and that album thing was a big project. Swedish House Mafia was moving so fast we didn't even have time to think about making an album, we were just catching up with song after song," Axwell revealed. 

The duo also explained the meaning behind the mysterious symbol in their name: 

"[The symbol] was a golden mistake. It was an "and" and we thought the "and" was overused, so we thought of the [current] symbol. It turns out the symbol looks like when we're holding hands together. It's the new symbol for togetherness, and as it turns out our first song that [Ingrosso and I] did together was "Together" back in 2004," Axwell said. 

The duo also showcased new songs during the interview. Most notably was a Pusha T collaboration called "This Time We Can't Go Home." Axwell Λ Ingrosso sampled their previous single "Something New" to create the track, and decided to work with the rapper after originally wanting to abstain from too many collaborations on the album. 

Listen to the entire BBC Radio 1 Interview below. The two minute "This Time We Can't Go Home" preview begins at 23:53:

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