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New Mau5trap Artist Could Be A Deadmau5 Side Project

Coming off the release of his 5 Years Of Mau5 remix album and a Grammy nomination for his while(1<2) album, deadmau5 reached commercial and critical success during the last quarter of 2014. Deadmau5 brings in the new year with planning a new tour and building a new studio, but the ever-mischievious producer may be releasing music under a new alias. 

Virtually unknown producer ATTLAS recently released a remix of the deadmau5 track "Aural Psynapse", a track noticeably absent from the 5 Years Of Mau5 album. ATTLAS only joined Facebook on November 11, and ATTLAS launched his social media pages after the man himself began to play the remix live during events such as Hard Day Of The Dead. The remix, albeit a bit more 'trancier' than his classic output, screams deadmau5: the synths and melodies sound straight from a Random Album Title era song. 

Despite the producer's unknown status, deadmau5's label mau5trap recently released the track as a free download. ATTLAS began posting on his socials around November 26, and uploaded a photo eerily resembling deadmau5 (excluding the producer's notable tattoos). The producer's name could also hint at deadmau5 using an alias. BIOSHOCK SPOILERS AHEAD: in the video game Bioshock, the main villain uses the name "Atlas" as an alias to trick the player into performing his dirty work. We wouldn't be surprised if deadmau5, a known video gamer, got inspired by the game's plot twist. Interestingly deadmau5 originally uploaded  "Aural Psynapse" under the alias "Halcyon441" back in 2002. 

Despite the circumstansial evidence, a number of factors also point toward the ATTLAS name belonging to another artist. Reddit user "ediskrad73" ran a domain ownership search on ATTLASmusic.com and learned someone from San Diego originally registered the domain. Before mau5trap ID'd the remix, the Shazam app brought the remix up as "Aural Psynapse" (Jeff Hartford Remix).  A quick Google search does not reveal any information about a producer named Jeff Hartford, nor Attlas, other than his new social media pages.

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Although it is possible for a new producer to submit a track to a label and have it signed, this situation has some interesting evidence to support the fact that deadmau5 and mau5trap may be hiding something.  It remains to be seen if Deadmau5, Jeff Hartford or someone else produces under the ATTLAS identity, but the topic continues to spark discussion and intrigue. Mau5trap could very well be taking a page out of ZHU's book by shrouding a new signee in mystery to drum up interest; if so, the experiment is working wonders. Check back on EDM.com for more updates regarding deadmau5 and ATTLAS. 

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