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EDM.com Spotlight

Fan Posts Video About Sending Deadmau5 His Disposable Camera

A young dance music fan named Ryan Talbot recently posted a video about his experience sending deadmau5 a disposable camera. Talbot sent him the camera after deadmau5 asked his fans to send him copies of his album while(1<2) to sign. After four months, the camera returned to Talbot full of photos taken by deadmau5 himself. The prints document rare glimpses of deadmau5's studio, photos of his cats, Professor Meowingtons and Miss Nyancat, and humorous selfies, which reveal that deadmau5 keeps his DJ Mag awards next to his bathroom sink. Once the photographic shannigans were documented, Deadmau5 returned the camera and, as promised, included the signed copy of the while(1<2).

Watch the video below:

Cover photo credit: Sonia Recchia

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