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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex Signs Duo 'Carmada' After Only Hearing One Track

It is impossible to characterize Skrillex’s label OWSLA with one sound or genre. The LA-based tastemaker label is renowned as one of the most diverse, energetic, and organic groups in music by offering a variety of sounds, styles, and genres for the OWSLA faithful. The newest duo to join the family are Aussie producers Carmada, and their path to joining OWSLA was unlike any other.

Caramda is made up of two up and coming Aussies - L D R U and Yahtzel, and this collaborative project has broken into dance music with a genre-defying, bass music style. Their first official track “Maybe” was released in early September, and the rumbling, bass-heavy monster exploded into the festival circuit after being played out by superstars such as Mat Zo, Diplo, and Skrillex. It’s through Skrillex that these two talented Aussie’s were awarded a chance to bring their inventive side project to the States. After only hearing “Maybe,” Skrillex signed the two budding producers to the label, and the talented duo have since released their debut EP Realise on OWSLA. While “Maybe” was a bass bohemoth, Realise shows a diverse spectrum of Carmada's style. Make sure to check out title track, which blends beautiful vocals and melodies with a funky, warping drop that only serves to showcase the duo’s many talents.

Earlier this month, the duo hopped on Aussie radio station triple j with Jack U, R.L. Grime, and What So Not for an epic 3 hr. set. Take a listen to the awesome b2b2b2b below!


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