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EDM.com Spotlight

Myspace Has What It Takes To Dominate The Music Scene

“The Best in Music & Culture. All in One Place.”

In early 2012, one of the earliest platforms for social media was re-launched into the modern technological world we live in today. Whether you think MySpace was before it’s time or failed to evolve with technology, the infamous platform hit a screeching halt as various others platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others continued to develop and expand into the dominating social networking methods of the generation. With the recent rebirth of MySpace, the social media site has transformed into a Facebook meets Spotify type deal – which is arguably the social media platform we’ve been missing.

Through MySpace’s heavy rebranding efforts, it has become apparent that the platform manifests a strong emphasis on bridging the gap between the listeners, the artists, and the content. Similar to social networking platforms like Facebook or Twitter, MySpace offers an in-depth profile that displays the users profile picture, cover photo, biography, profile song, and of course the Top 8 Friends. The new MySpace also offers a personalized portfolio, a place for the users original content. Although with the recent surge of streaming services across the Internet, it has come to question if MySpace will succeed in becoming the social networking platform specifically tailored for the modern music culture.

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

Let’s break it down…

Similar to streaming services like SoundCloud, Pandora, 8tracks, or Spotify, the new MySpace institutes the essential Discover Page we’ve all come to love tremendously. MySpace’s rendition of the Discover Page provides a place to connect to the people and content that inspire you; the ability to browse friends, artists, albums, music, videos, photos, and articles makes the Discover Page the central hub within MySpace that connects everyone and everything.

Searching for people can include personal friends or popular artists ranging from electronic to indie. MySpace strategically utilizes your Facebook friends to find friends to mutually share content with and pages you’ve liked to find artists that interest you. One interesting aspect MySpace introduces is the “Top Fans” feature, which is for people who interact most with an artist and their content. The Discover Page also displays featured artists and an effortless browse through various genres. If you find yourself on an individual artist’s profile, you’ll see that you can easily access their portfolio, upcoming events, biography, photos, and more; ultimately, a fan is able to easily access all of the combined social media aspects of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, all in one single destination. 

MySpace’s radio feature offers unlimited streaming similar to 8tracks, Spotify, or Pandora. You can simply enter an artist or genre to create a custom radio station where you can view similar songs, like or share the content, profile the song, add to a mix, or add the song to your queue while you proceed to listen to your current song uninterrupted. The MySpace radio hosts featured stations including EDM, hip-hop, 90s pop, beach & beer, chill out, and others alike.

Although discovering and promoting music with friends is already a generation fad via SoundCloud and Spotify, MySpace takes it one step further with the ability to discover and share video content as well. Similar to YouTube, MySpace allows users to upload their own content, as well as explore and promote MySpace Originals or Exclusives; along with the total revamp of the social media platform, MySpace has introduced their own specialty content along the lines of video series like Five Minutes To The Stage or Getting Nailed. When the site transformed into its current state, MySpace also partnered with three major labels including Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, and Warner Music Group. To give EDM-infatuated users an idea of the type of video content MySpace is capable of producing, watch this interview conducted with massive act Dillon Francis during the Summer X Games.

The Pedicab Interviews: Dillon Francis from Myspace on Myspace.

Lastly, MySpace fuses together the worlds of streaming services and online blogs through their innovative Featured section on the Discover Page. With written content such as artist of the day, Q&A’s, news articles pertaining to anything pop culture, list editorials, and MySpace’s own “Thinking To Pieces,” the social media platform unites music and writing with easy-access in mind. The written content of MySpace further consecrates the entire platform in becoming the go to platform for music culture as it is primarily geared towards self-expression, collaboration, and of course the discovery of music.

In a 2011 interview with Billboard, CEO of MySpace Tim Vanderhook stated that MySpace has untapped potential and the rights that could take the platform far in the virtual world. "No other company has the rights MySpace has. Nobody has the relationships we have with the four major labels, the catalog of 25,000 independent artists and 42 million songs. If you take Facebook's music announcements with Radio, MOG and Spotify and you aggregated all those services up and took their audio catalog, it's not even half of what MySpace has."

What is the future of MySpace?

In a society universally controlled by a mix of social networking platforms, does the new MySpace have a home? I think the transformed MySpace introduces several interesting components to the way we talk about and share music. The way we experience music now is routinely utilizing streaming platforms for discovering the initial content, then our promotion of the content which leads us to go to other social media platforms to talk about the music we’re hearing. MySpace has specifically designed a place where music lovers can find, share, and talk about content in real-time, versus other platforms where communication is limited. MySpace is engrained in the concepts of straightforward communication and boundless entertainment. As well as a home for free music, MySpace serves as a destination for free content of all kinds pertaining to the music culture for the fascinated user. In my opinion, MySpace is a force to be reckoned with in this technologically advanced world we find ourselves in; although the platform faced a downward spiral in its embryonic stages, MySpace holds a promising future in the music culture in terms of becoming the all-inclusive social networking platform for music.

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