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'Divinity' by Porter Robinson Featured in Google's 'Year in Search 2014' Video

Google released their "Year in Search 2014" video today, which summarizes the topics, people, and events people searched about over the course of this year. For the soundtrack, Google decided to use the first track of Porter Robinson's Worlds album, "Divinity", to set the mood and tone of the video. The uplifting, futuristic sounds of the track contribute to the video's beautiful images and cinematagrophy.

The inclusion of "Divinity" shows that Robinson has even affected a huge company like Google, one of the most influential and impactful entities on the planet. Robinson expressed his excitement on his social media accounts, and we're sure this isn't the last of Worlds tracks popping up on an important company's media. 

Watch Google's "Year in Search 2014" below:

Cover photo credit: LA Weekly 

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