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Eric Prydz & Jeremy Olander Request Tracks For Upcoming Essential Mix

Pete Tong asked Eric Prydz to once again take the mantle for the prestigious BBC Essential Mix after winning the "Essential Mix of the Year" award in 2013. Prydz will be performing his first Essential Mix b2b with protégé Jeremy Olander, who will also be performing his very first Essential Mix ever. To make things even more exciting, the two renowned acts plan to add a special "twist" to their dynamic collaboration before the mix is released.

Prydz went on Twitter to request track submissions for their mix, which premieres on January 3. Prydz asked all interested producers to send their tracks to This experiment could very well lead to a number of underground producers receiving widespread recognition, an accomplishment that grows increasingly difficult as dance music continues to evolve. 

Listen to Prydz's 2013 Essential Mix below:

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