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Sony Hack Reveals Snapchat's Interest In Starting A Record Label

Amidst of a high-profile leak of confidential Sony Entertainment documents, it has been revealed that Snapchat has expressed interest in starting their very own record label.

The latest attack on Sony Entertainment has released the entire inboxes of several high level executives. This hack exposed an email conversation between Evan Spiegel, the CEO of the photo-sharing website that has been popular amongst college-aged students, and Sony CEO Michael Lynton. In this email chain, Spiegel expressed interest in starting his own record label because, “[Spiegel] thinks every music service in the market is shit and he wants to be a curator. He doesn’t want to build a music service, but he would like to have a record label so he could focus on the artists that he wants to use on the platform to promote." While the idea of Snapchat making their own record label is intriguing, there is no evidence that Spiegel or anyone on Snapchat’s team are in the process of starting the project.

In response to his privacy being infringed upon, and his companies confidential document's being released, Spiegel published this memo this morning.

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