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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 37

Next to these nasty drops, your city dump looks like a spotless wonder.

Gather around kids, because for Volume 37 we loaded something extra special into our giant dubstep cannon. This fresh crop of bass tunes is about to launch you so deep into outer space that earth will appear no larger than a pinhead. Now that your own well-being is a distant afterthought, can we please get back to breaking down these killer drops? It's what we do best.

10. BloodThinnerz - #RiddimGang

During 2014, Savage Society has gone above and beyond to establish themselves as a premier bass music label. Most of us know about the Firepower’s & Never Say Die’s of the world, but this ragtag outfit has been hounding their success at a remarkable pace. One of the largest names that this imprint has continually promoted is BloodThinnerz. The duo has received generous praise from everybody from 12th Planet to Dubloadz - and with all the momentum they have managed to build up lately, they are clearly here to stay. “#RiddimGang” was one of three tracks released on Savage Society’s Cycles Vol. 2 - and arguably the most filthy of the three. Drops this assertive do not just materialize by themselves, so it is only natural that we give ample credit where it is due. If you thought 2014 was a busy year for BloodThinnerz, just wait until 2015.

9. Greenphine - Macabre

For 13-year old Blake Markey, the dance music world is his oyster. Neurostep is a subgenre that does not get nearly enough coverage on our weekly countdown, but as a huge fan of Noisia & Culprate, I am always keeping an eye out for these types of tunes. When “Macabre” was first placed in front of me, I suddenly felt the urge to start bouncing off the walls like a madman. After receiving a ridiculous amount of dents and dings all over my body, I was finally able to settle down and properly dissect this track’s mammoth drops. This is that teeth-grinding, fist-pounding, foot-stomping kind of dubstep. I'm officially giving Greephine the green light - all systems go.

8. Helicopter Showdown & I.Y.F.F.E. - Chasing Lies (Ft. Ashley Apollodor)

Well, it has not been all that long since I.Y.F.F.E. was an active participant in our saucy little segment. Having said that, where the heck has Helicopter Showdown been hiding for the better part of the past half-year? Seriously, this trio was considered one of the most talented names in dubstep since the U.S. EDM boom and when they are putting out new music, this confusing world of ours makes a tiny bit more sense. In typical fashion, these producers unleashed a tsunami of a song when they unmasked “Chasing Lies.” Strung together with the superb vocals of Ashley Apollodor, when that first drop hits, you had better make sure that your bowels are completely empty. Otherwise, I would advise you to immediately incinerate whatever pair of underpants you might be wearing. I apologize in advance for the mess, but drops like these are well worth it.

7. Rakket X HE$H X Neonix - Tex Mex

One of the things we love to do here at your dirty drop depository is to bring attention to the brightest young stars in the industry. Now, instead of highlighting just one of these burgeoning musicians, “Tex Mex” has enabled us to shed some light on three of the dubstep scene’s most popular up-and-comers. In fact, if you are still a part of the crowd that has not heard of Rakket, HE$H, or Neonix yet, then there has never been a better opportunity to make up some much-needed ground. As for the song itself, “Tex Mex” casually rolls into its breakdowns with some extremely funky build-ups. The transition from jazzy horns to kneecap-busting drops is truly something else. Be sure to call your dentist, because you will definitely chip a couple teeth trying to chomp down on this crunchy bass tune.

6. Lord Swan3x & Soberts - Deathwish

Two of the most threatening presences that heavy bass music has to offer are back on the prowl – and this time they are utilizing teamwork to distribute their dubstep obliteration. Many musically inclined individuals view Lord Swan3x as one of 2014’s most improved producers, while Soberts has come on unbelievably strong during the second half of the year. Together, these two gentlemen lay it all on the table for the almighty “Deathwish.” In case the not-so-subtle title of this tune did not already give it away, the only thing separating you from the backseat of a hearse is this next 3 minutes and 32 seconds of wubs. Do detrimental drops get your blood pumping and pulse racing? Lets hope so.

5. Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Funk4Mation & Ivory Remix)

Still recuperating from the successful release of his Castle Monsta EP, Funk4Mation hunkers down for one of his biggest bass contributions to date. To concoct this monster of a dubstep tune, he reached out to none other than Ivory. Trust me, what this flourishing producer lacks in longtime experience, he more than makes up for with his absolutely zany sound. Now, it goes without saying that remixing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” is no easy challenge, but an introduction dependent on swing and jazz roots flawlessly evolves into some of the grimiest dubstep drops to ever rattle our solar system. This bare-knuckle bruiser of a track will knock you out for the count before you can even get your boxing gloves on.

4. Craz - Multicolored Diamonds

Craz first started making noise when he was spotted on Bassnectar’s “Thursty.” – a tune that was showered with plenty of props from the bass music community. With some critics doubting his ability to construct nasty bangers all on his own, “Multicolored Diamonds” was just the proof I needed to shoot down their somewhat laughable theories. Frankly, I cannot even recall the last time I laid ears on a fresher sound than Craz’s. This producer’s potential is literally limitless. But back to the track in question, because these heavy drops are so villainous that they will not hesitate to pickpocket you in broad daylight. You better check and make sure that your wallet is still safe in your pocket (or purse). Crap, it’s gone. Luckily for us, this dubstep mauler is straight money in the bank.

3. AR The Bushmaster - Yak Yak

If I could give an award to the strangest song ever featured on our segment, “Yak Yak” from AR The Bushmaster would unquestionably be the runaway favorite. In all honesty, I am not even sure whether I consider this track to be dubstep or not. But it’s scary good, has plenty of bass, and is structured unlike any song I have ever heard previously. Truth be told, I don’t care what you want to call it. How about whatever helps you sleep at night? As for the drops, they are plentiful and powerful. So if you have subs that shake the ceiling, this tune is sure to keep the drywall falling for days. It’s time to stop my yakking and let the beat get to hacking.

2. XaeboR - Jurassic

Go run a bath. Right now. Well, what are you waiting for? Because once you are covered from head to toe in grime from this fatty XaeboR tune, there is no turning back. Now that we are on the same page, lets get this party started. The beginning of the track is loaded with eerie sounds that set up that first drop perfectly – and when at drop decides to display it’s unrelenting wrath, you better make damn sure you are not in the near vicinity. I cannot have any of you getting injured on my watch. Not today. Not ever. As you venture into this song’s second bass walloping, you are repeatedly pelted with roughhouse rhythms that would make even the toughest dubstep fans look like sissies. Stand back people, because XaeboR is coming through with an insanely enormous production.

1. Nyctophobia - Fear Us

In an unusually deep week of disgusting dubstep releases, the top spot was handed out to a couple of newcomers. I have got to give it to Nyctophobia, this tune of theirs really did a number on me. It has been way too long since I have experienced drops that made me feel as if the universe was coming to a frightening and horrible ending, but these mean-spirited bass marauders definitely fit the billing. “Fear Us” does not only serve as the title of this song - it also issues a clear-as-day warning to anyone brave enough to cross its path. In case you were curious, you have a full two minutes before absolute chaos consumes every inch of available air around you. My advice would be to press play and prepare for the worst or get hightailing as fast as your suddenly wobbly legs can possibly carry you. Which will you choose? Because one thing is for certain, the weak will not survive.

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