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EDM.com Spotlight

PLURLife Daddy Seeking EDM Love on Craigslist

Judging by the acts and venues he’s listed – from Deorro at Coachella to Dyro and Dannic, PLURDaddy is definitely up to the challenge of keeping up with the times. He has also pointed out his willingness to connect with EDM culture, affirming that although he’s an adult, he still wears “*some* Candy when raving." Whoever his next "Little" is, should probably tell him that it's spelled "kandi."

Rihanna found love in a hopeless place, so we can only pray that PLURLife Daddy can find love in a virtual one. The ball is in your court, ladies.

PLUR Daddy's Car

PLUR Daddy

Cover photo via http://sfbay.craigslist.org/

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PLURLife Daddy's "been raving most of your life."

If you’re a rave-y lady in the North Bay area of San Francisco, "PLURifornia," and looking for love, consider the potential of PLURLife Daddy. You can take a gander at his Craigslist post, if it hasn’t been deleted by the time you read this, that provides a full run down on everything from his body type, to his cuddling aptitude, to lovely anecdotes on the best EDM shows he’s seen this year. This might just be a fantastic contender for Craigslist's "best of" postings.

Want to be this guy’s little babygirl? That’s fine, as long as you’re old enough to “get into places (that means at least, be able to get intointo Torq/Control Thursdays, or EPR),” and you better “stay current in EDM.” Considering PLURLife Daddy’s real-time struggle in keeping this post alive because Craigslist continues to take down his content for reasons unbeknownst to him, and our readership that consists of, well, EDM fans, we’ve posted the entire listing here, preserving it for all of eternity and saving it from the un-PLUR forces of Craigslist:

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