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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex, Tiesto, Hardwell, and More Lose Thousands of Instagram Followers

Instagram shocked its users last week with an announcement that the company would mass ban accounts that did not meet their policies and guidelines. Spam and bot accounts bore the brunt of this mass banning, and high-profile accounts watched as their followers plummeted. Among the victims were seemingly every superstar DJ, including Martin GarrixTiestoHardwell, deadmau5SkrillexSteve Aoki, and more. While the follower count fell immensely for many of these DJs, Instagram's new policy guarantees the legitimacy of most of their remaining followers. Socialblade collected the number of lost followers for notable producers, which you can view below:

Skrillex: -92,119
Deadmau5: -72,205
Tiesto: -45,904
Diplo: -37,808
Calvin Harris: -53,459
Avicii: -37,037
Martin Garrix: -29,888
Hardwell: -84,507
David Guetta: -57,351
Nicky Romero: -20,948
Steve Aoki: -60,624

View the damage on Instagram's top 100 accounts on 64px.com.

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Cover photo credit: TomorrowLand

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