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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 35

These icy-cold drops are more frigid than below zero temperatures.

Well, while we might be reporting for duty slightly later than usual, that certainly does not make these drops any less dirty. In fact, given the extra time to reflect, we capitalized on the chance to validate our gut instinct. Therefore, you should be able to sleep easy tonight knowing that we searched high and low for the skuzziest dubstep drops in the solar system. Please do not be shy about passing around the Volume 35 vibes. 

10. Vyill & Stabby - Throwback Monsters (Dub Mix)

Stabby has been anxiously awaiting his opportunity to be included in our weekly dirty drop summary and it appears that his time has finally come. Joining forces with Vyill, these two producers clearly poured every ounce of energy they had into this incomparably colossal collaboration. Trust me, this dub mix of “Throwback Monsters” is the type of bass beast that lurks around cluttered closets and calls that pitch black area under your bed its domicile. Not scared yet? Well, something tells me that both of these frightening drops will leave you shaking in your boots. If you intend to survive, you better toughen up.

9. EH!DE & Sex Whales - Surrounded

Everywhere I look lately, I keep seeing more and more of Sex Whales. Most recently, the Israeli musician assembled an unstoppable tag team with the one and only EH!DE. “Surrounded” is the incredibly satisfying result that has emerged from all of their hard work and dedication. When these tantalizing drops start careening off your epidermis, you cannot prevent the goosebumps from popping up everywhere. The screeching synths in this song sound as if Flipper (or any dolphin for that matter) is going on an unprecedented rampage. EH!DE & Sex Whales are about to flood your ears with more grimy bass than humans are designed to handle.

8. Snorch X Ripple X Restor - Samurai

Aside from name recognition, there is not very much that separates “Samurai” from some of this week’s higher finishers. Sure, Snorch, Ripple, & Restor might not look like Skrillex or Flux Pavilion on paper, but they still do a damn fine job of generating one hell of a dope dubstep sound. Oh, and how could I forget? This tune contains four (yes, four) drops in total. Now, I am not suggesting that quantity always tops quality, but in this particular instance, the two traits are delivered hand-in-hand. Drops this deadly have been known to land innocent bystanders in the cemetery. Proceed with major caution.

7. OmegaMode - Skies Of Fire

When we last saw OmegaMode, he was holding down our #1 position with his absolutely magnificent remix of Dr. Ozi’s “Blackout.” Since then, it seems like every soul in the bass music universe has taken notice of this promising producer on the rise. While “Skies Of Fire” might not quite measure up to his previous submission, this wicked banger has a couple of drops that are determined to leave your skull with more fractures than a shattered sheet of ice. Abandon your batteships now, because this dubstep submarine is about to sink everything in the area.

6. Getter - Mishap

It feels like trench has been at the center of every dubstep conversation taking place over the past couple months. But what is trench? Well, simply put, it is that dark, evil, and insidious kind of bass music that only comes out to play under the cover of nighttime. Truth be told, people can choose to call it whatever they want, but at the end of the day, it is all dubstep to me. With Getter’s Trenchlords Vol. 1 making the rounds lately, it was only natural that (at least) one of these shady tunes would surface on our segment. To locate that perfect mixture of filth and slime, I looked no further than “Mishap.” Who needs a mop or broom when Getter’s grizzly drops can wipe the floor with your face?

5. Dubloadz & TrollPhace - The Foz

I dare you to point out two bigger names in dubstep than Dubloadz & TrollPhace at the moment. Please, take all the time you need. But at the end of the day, nobody is doing more for our favorite genre than these two professors of putrid pulsations. Dubloadz is still feeling the love from his brand new Chug! Chug! EP and TrollPhace is currently riding an OWSLA high unlike none other. Speaking of that aforementioned EP, “The Foz” is one of those collabs that words do no justice. I do not think you understand. We have never seen a pair of drops break open a can of whoop ass quite this large. Dubloadz & Trollphace are wandering into uncharted territory, and we plan to stay with them every step along the way.

4. JVN - Brawler (Michael White Remix)

All of my brawlers are going to be throwing their fists around for this one. So get those engines revving, because the speed of light moves at a snail’s pace compared to this savage remix from Michael White. In case we have any fans of Tha Trickaz in the house, you will surely find yourself completely smitten with this song’s scorching drops. There is a 0% chance of you bench-pressing all this heavy bass on your own, so you would be wise to recruit help from some bulked-up bodybuilders. I hope that you are okay with shedding a couple excess pounds - because this track is essentially the equivalent of soaking in a dubstep sauna. Michael White goes all-in on this reckless remix of “Brawler.”

3. Tim Ismag - Scorpion (Ft. Trinergy) (Spag Heddy Remix)

Spag Heddy is a certified dirty drop specialist. It is literally impossible to go anywhere in the dance music world nowadays without being pelted by his trademarked tomato bass. With a boatload of raucous remixes already stacked up in his dubstep database, the international sensation has certainly never been one to have reservations about his reconstruction process. Which brings us to his newest release, this smashing remix of Tim Ismag’s “Scorpion.” Your ears will be inundated with so much debris that an endless supply of Q-tips could not even begin to scrape off the gunk. Be sure to give these staggering drops some serious distance, because you will need every available inch.

2. Dubloadz - Fight Music VIP

When the original version of “Fight Music” first hit the scene, dubstep fans everywhere began sprinting towards the nearest bomb shelter. Then, as if we were not already in enough danger, Dubloadz made the crucial decision to create an unparalleled VIP. For those of you that felt like you were placed in a permanent bass headlock the first time around, the revised version of this tune gives you a taste of what it would be like to take on Mike Tyson for the heavyweight title. You can definitely expect to lose some teeth – as well as an immeasurable amount of blood. Very few individuals are built to withstand the massive amount of pain that these drops distribute.

1. D-Jahsta & Rekoil - Devil

I cannot recall a single week in recent memory when our selection for our #1 slot was any easier than this one. Seriously people, if you identify yourself with the dubstep diehards, then it is extremely likely that you have heard all of the talk surrounding this track. Since the beginning of 2014, the bass music masses have been eagerly anticipating this song’s release – and now that is has finally arrived, the celebration has official begun. D-Jahsta & Rekoil have each made their fair share of solo appearances on our countdown - but never together. That was, until now. Collaborations of this nature do not just appear out of thin air, so you can bet that I was all over these unnecessarily nasty drops the second they started sounding off. Our #1 spot is specifically reserved for tracks like this D-Jahsta & Rekoil masterpiece.

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